Pru Life UK holds a webinar that teaches kids about financial literacy

“Parents and teachers are the best role models. If we don’t practice what we preach, it will be absorbed by our kids,” said Dr. Queena Lee-Chua during the ‘Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home: Financial Literacy Basics for Filipino Families,’ a PRUWise webinar facilitated by Pru Life UK on September 12, 2020.

The multi-awarded professor at the Ateneo de Manila University and book author advised parents to frequently do activities with their children—from teaching them about price tags and how money can be earned. Dr. Lee-Chua also encouraged them to normalize lessons about monthly bills, exchange rates, and even about distinguishing between needs and wants.

Dr. Lee-Chua was one of the two resource speakers who made the webinar worthwhile and educational. For her part, Dr. Mary Joy Abaquin, a book author and founding directress of the Multiple Intelligence International School, guided the attendees about the concepts of financial and fiscal responsibility, saving and investing, and responsible consumerism by making smart spending choices.

“Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and educational process that all of us have to go through,” said Dr. Abaquin. “As parents and teachers, let is take an active part in giving our kids this lifelong gift.”

Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home: Financial Literacy Basics for Filipino Families was hosted by TV host Tonipet Gaba and Pru Life UK’s Mary Jane Pangan. The webinar also features exciting games that were creatively designed to teach kids about valuing money and carefully managing allowance. Among those were Guess the Price (determining costs of school supplies) and Need or Want? (distinguishing between necessity and non-necessity). These games were based on existing modules at Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home.

Prudence Foundation Executive Director Mark Fancy opens the webinar with an overview of the Cha-Ching program. “Financial literacy may be an intimidating topic for both parents and children. This motivated us to develop easy resources for parents to teach and facilitate, and at the same time, make learning fun and enjoyable for kids. Our modules are free and available online for everyone to access,” he said.

“Pru Life UK’s advocacy of financial literacy applies to kids as much as it does to parents,” said Pru Life UK Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga. “We introduced the Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home webinar because we believe in starting the journey to financial wellness at a young age. It provided an avenue for parents to teach their kids essential life skills like money management in an engaging way.”

“We are happy to supplement the Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home online resources, an initiative developed by Prudence Foundation—the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia and Africa—following its launch last June. The webinar, also done in partnership with Junior Achievement Philippines, reinforces our We DO Education promise, where we aim to teach Filipinos to be money smart. Previously, we worked with schools and institutions to promote financial literacy. Our new work from home setup has pushed us to pivot to digital and give parents an active role in their child’s education with simple yet quality resources,” Tumbaga added.


You can view online or print out the Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home modules through this link.