Make your savings grow through these savings account products

Today is the opportune time for you to achieve your goals. You should be aiming to ramp up your savings so you could upgrade your living standards, seize new opportunities, or prepare for the future. The right savings account product could just be waiting for you from PSBank.

“We want to give our customers the ability and resources to become their best selves, through disciplined saving,” said PSBank Senior Vice President and Marketing Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon. “We are confident that our suite of diverse Savings Accounts will allow them to do just that, and more—by instilling in them the importance of being prepared, and of having the mindset of constant improvement. We invite everyone to check out all of our products and services today.”

Grow your savings surely and securely through any or all of these savings account offerings:

PSBank ATM Savings
You can earn a fixed interest rate if you maintain an average daily balance of at least P5,000 in your ATM savings account. You can access your savings securely any time through PSBank, Metrobank, and BancNet ATMs nationwide, and MasterCard ATMs worldwide. Moreover, you can even settle your utility and credit card payables conveniently or go cashless shopping online or via BancNet’s electronic payment facility.

PSBank Regular Passbook Savings
The passbook savings account makes it easier for you to monitor and regulate your banking transactions. You can still earn a fixed interest rate so you can be sure your savings will grow over time. This product is recommended if you are saving up for an investment, an emergency fund, or a special life event.

PSBank Passbook with ATM
More convenience plus fixed interest rates can be yours if you keep this savings product. It even comes with a PSBank Debit MasterCard to enable you to access your savings safely, any time, wherever you could be in the country of abroad.

PSBank Kiddie and Teen Savers
Make your kids start early on the habit of saving. This will impart a discipline that they will carry out for the rest of their lives. This product comes with free personal accident insurance from the Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation, giving your son/daughter a coverage equivalent to five times the value of his/her average daily balance. The account may be opened as In-Trust-For (ITF) account, as a joint account, or as an individual account.

PSBank Personal Checking Account
Enjoy the flexibility of issuing checks for worry-free payments of bills and other financial transactions. You can enroll in PSBank Mobile and PSBank Online when you open this type of account.