Red Ribbon taps the Soriano family as ambassadors for new brand campaign

Red Ribbon welcomes new additions to its growing family. In photo are (from left) Red Ribbon President Zinnia Rivera, Paul Soriano, Seve Soriano, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, and Red Ribbon Marketing Head Kent Mariano.

For the people you care for, you choose to give what’s most special. This is why as a timeless and popular family brand, Red Ribbon is rolling out a new campaign that highlights how “caring a little bit more” makes a difference.

“We believe that part and parcel of our commitment to make every moment sweeter is to communicate the brand to the most compelling and relevant way to our customers,” said Red Ribbon president Zinnia Rivera during the recent launch of the company’s new campaign.

“I believe that this campaign really encompasses what Red Ribbon is all about. And we are making the communication even sweeter with the newest brand ambassadors,” Rivera added.

The 39-year-old bakeshop chain has tapped Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, together with their son Seve, as its newest brand ambassadors, ushering in the roll out of the company’s new campaign—‘When you care a little bit more.’

“We found in the Soriano family the same positive values that Red Ribbon is known for and stands for—love for family, passion for excellence,” said Red Ribbon Marketing Head Kent Mariano. “They live the kind of values we espouse. We see that not only on screen but also off screen, making them a clear and natural choice.”

Ideal brand ambassadors
Toni, 34, noted as the local entertainment industry’s ‘ultimate multimedia star,’ has made life and career decisions that represent modern Filipino moms’ go-getter attitude, with undeniable desire for convenience and authenticity—things that are important to her just like any other millennial working mother. For his part, 36-year-old Paul has successfully emerged as among the most critically acclaimed film directors in the country, prioritizing excellence over any other factor as showcased by his award-winning movies.

Toni and Paul have revealed that they both grew loving Red Ribbon. The couple even makes sure that there is always a Red Ribbon cake whenever they celebrate special occasions. In fact, during the celebration of their son Seve’s 10th month, he was finally allowed to eat a slice of cake, which he readily and delightfully finished, as can be seen in a video posted online.

“As a parent, I won’t deprive my kid of sugar, but I make sure he consumes in moderation,” Toni explained. “I want Seve to know how it tastes. Besides, what is a celebration without a cake?”

Showing love and care
The new campaign also underlines the role Red Ribbon products take in conveying the message of love and care. “Gestures that show how one makes an extra effort goes the extra mile for the people one loves. At Red Ribbon, we take that timeless truth to heart,” said Mariano. “That is why we make sure our products look as good as they taste, and taste as good as they look.”

Red Ribbon wants to remind us all how caring just a little bit more matters—you can praise a loved one’s small achievements but rewarding him/her with a yellow mammon takes it one step further; you could remember one’s birthday but ordering his/her favorite cake in advance makes him/her feel extra special; you can speak words of encouragement to those who are feeling down but a sweet treat can lift their spirits even higher. Thus, the brand perfectly sums it up in its new tagline: “When you care a little bit more, make it Red Ribbon.

When you care a little bit more, make it Red Ribbon.

What could Daddy Paul and his son Seve be up to? Find out what happens when you choose to care a little bit more. #MakeItRedRibbon #RedRibbonPH

Posted by Red Ribbon on Saturday, March 10, 2018