Rimini Street releases free savings calculators for Oracle and SAP

(Press Release)

Rimini Street, Inc., a global provider of end-to-end enterprise software support, products, and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software, and a Salesforce and AWS partner, has announced two free, online tools that work in minutes to help Oracle and SAP clients identify and unlock significant potential savings from their existing ERP investments: Rimini Street Savings Calculator for Oracle and Rimini Street Savings Calculator for SAP. Clients who choose Rimini Street have saved more than $7 billion to date, at the same time receiving more responsive and higher quality software support and a partnership that furthers their operational success.

Value of Oracle and SAP vendor maintenance fees diminishes over time

Oracle’s and SAP’s profit margin on their annual software support is typically more than 90%, meaning that the software vendors may spend less than 10% of their client’s annual fees on providing service. This can lead to significant gaps against service needs, such as support for custom configurations and customized code (“add ons”) which are common amongst many Oracle and SAP licensees.

After some number of years, both Oracle and SAP arbitrarily downgrade the scope of services available for a particular release level – yet are known to continue charging the same fee (or more) than when full support was available for the release and push for upgrades and migrations to their newest product releases that may not benefit a particular client.

For those who elect to follow the vendor-dictated roadmap, the total cost of ownership of the ERP system usually only increases, whether choosing to upgrade or maintain operations on their current release.

Rimini Street solutions provide higher value

Rimini Street provides an annual support solution to help its Oracle and SAP clients reverse this expensive, systemic challenge by offering an immediate 50% savings on annual support fees and these other key benefits:

  • Named, dedicated primary support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience backed by hundreds of engineering talent around the world
  • Guaranteed 10-minute response to priority cases, with an average of less than two minutes, to address and resolve issues faster, 24/7/365
  • Support for customizations at the same level as vendor-delivered code
  • Guaranteed 15 additional years of support from time of contracting to extract maximum value of existing ERP release
  • Risk avoidance related to system upgrade and migration challenges

Rimini Street empowers clients with $7B savings and strategic project funding

“Industry analysts estimate most companies spend around 90% of their IT budget on daily operating expenses, leaving only 10% for investment in innovation. Rimini Street can help significantly reduce that 90% to 60% with its service solutions, enabling clients to refocus more money, staff, and time towards strategic initiatives and projects,” said Seth A. Ravin, CEO, President and Chairman, Rimini Street, Inc.

David Rowe, Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Global Transformation at Rimini Street said, “Most organizations are delighted to learn the savings from a switch to Rimini Street is much more than the 50% savings in annual support fees, but can also include savings from the avoidance of forced upgrades just to retain full support, support for customizations at no additional charge, and more efficient support processes. The discovery will be eye-opening and highly opportunistic for your business.“