Why PH businesses should consider investing in RISE with SAP

Global software company SAP is offering RISE with SAP, a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, industry practices, and outcome-driven services—a total bundle for migrating a business’ SAP ERP into the cloud.

ERP been around for about three decades now. Through RISE with SAP, ERP can be modernized and innovation can be accelerated amid the digital era. This is necessary because a company’s ERP may already be not fit-for-purpose, especially in the fast-paced digital landscape.

To simplify the complex process, RISE with SAP is there. In the Philippines, it is carried out and offered to local businesses via Appcentric, SAP’s top premier value-added partner in the country. Appcentric is noted for its expertise in providing the best SAP solutions to client firms.

To demonstrate the usefulness of RISE with SAP, several success examples from all around the world can be cited. For one, a global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm that has accumulated acquisitions is relying on RISE with SAP to standardize and harmonize its units in just one platform. At the same time, it is reducing its costs and driving further growth through better business performance.

Another example is a global automotive company that uses RISE with SAP to accelerate its own digital innovation in the face of rapid changes in the features of vehicles and consumer behavior.

In the Philippine setting, RISE with SAP brought by Appcentric can help medium to large enterprises across all sectors (manufacturing, health, logistics, government, and others) in transitioning current ERP data and processes to the cloud with less risk and without any compromise. Here are more advantages:

Tailored-to-fit cloud ERP solution – Automate business processes across operations and create innovative business models at a global scale. RISE at SAP can grow the bottom line with native, industry-specific best practices as well as facilitate the adoption of a clean core strategy to optimize cloud ERP qualities.

Business process transformation – Understand, improve, and transform any business process faster and at scale. RISE with SAP can help deliver instant insights on key performance indicators. It can accelerate projects with a state-of-the-art process modeling platform and help in the sharing of knowledge and ideas to drive continuous innovation.

Business platform and analytics – Access real-time and complete views of all business data. The system can help enrich user interactions with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. A firm can also customize business processes at reasonable costs.

Outcome-driven services – Transition to the cloud at your own pace with a trusted global provider. RISE with SAP via Appcentric can help source partners and skills the business needs from a global partner ecosystem. A business can enable, measure, and support ongoing digital transformation.

Find out how RISE with SAP can benefit your business through Appcentric. Check out this link or Appcentric’s FB page.