Samgyupsalamat celebrates 3.3 Samgyupsalamat Day

Press Release

As the pinnacle of genuine Korean dining in the Philippines, Samgyupsalamat proudly announces the much-awaited 3.3 Samgyupsalamat Day. This event stands as a beacon of our commitment to offering the most authentic samgyupsal experience, affirming our place as the heart of K-Good Time celebrations.

This March 3, Samgyupsalamat invites everyone to dive deep into the soul of Korean cuisine with exclusive offers, exciting activities, and the launch of new dishes that perfectly capture Korea’s rich culinary traditions.

A salute to authenticity and culinary excellence

Samgyupsalamat transcends beyond serving food; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate with the warmth and vibrancy of Korean culture. The 3.3 Samgyupsalamat Day symbolizes its gratitude and dedication to its customers, promising a day filled with joy, authentic flavors, and unforgettable K-Good Time moments.

Maraming SamgyupSALAMAT

As Samgyupsalamat commemorate 3.3 Samgyupsalamat Day, it is filled with profound gratitude towards its customers who have embraced the restaurant as part of their life’s journey, both in significant moments and everyday experiences. At the heart of the festivities is the much-anticipated SAM FEAST 2.0, where customers can indulge in an unlimited K-BBQ experience for only 333. In addition to the delectable feast, it is launching the Ultimate SSAM TikTok challenge that is designed to enhance your appreciation for Korean culture and Samgyupsalamat’s authenticity.

Be part of the story

Samgyupsalamat warmly invites you to join them in this celebration of culture, flavor, and community at any Samgyupsalamat branch. Let’s come together on 3.3 to share the joy and spirit of authentic Korean dining and an actual K-Good Time experience.

Visit and follow its social media for more details on the 3.3 Samgyupsalamat Day festivities. You may also follow @Samgyupsalamat on Facebook, on Instagram, and @samgyupsalamat on Tiktok for updates and upcoming promos.

About Samgyupsalamat

As the leading destination for authentic Korean samgyupsal in the Philippines, Samgyupsalamat is dedicated to bringing the essence of Authentic Korean dining to every table. It is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where memories are made, embodying the K-Good Time spirit with every dish served. Its commitment is to ensure that every visit is a memorable K-BBQ experience and a celebration of Authentic Korean culture, cuisine, and community.