How Samsung Digital Appliances can help ensure quality time with family

Do you intend to make each moment count for your family especially at home? It is time to upgrade your place into a stylish and cozier one. Samsung Digital Appliances can help you attain that goal.

Aside from the overall quality of such equipment, you could also get discounts of up to 20% off the original tag prices through Samsung’s ‘The Big Start Deal’ promo, which runs from February 1 to March 31, 2018. At the same time, enjoy 0% interest on installment payment schemes for 12 months. Visit any of the brand’s authorized dealers nationwide to check out the selected Samsung appliances that are included in this promo.

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner
Make sure your bonding time with your family is always fun and memorable. It all starts with a cool and comfortable atmosphere within home. Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner distributes cool air within a room evenly, eliminating the unusually unpleasant feeling of direct air blow. Enjoy each second of your quality time without even worrying about energy costs. This air conditioner consumes up to 72% less air.


FlexWash Washing Machine
Spend less time doing your laundry so you can have more for quality bonding time with your family. FlexWash Washing Machine ditches the need for multiple cycles so completing the task gets faster. It facilitates running two laundry cycles for various types of fabrics so you can simultaneously clean white and delicate clothes along with heavier, colored ones without compromising cleaning quality.

Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator and Samsung Smart Oven
Prepare and serve the most sumptuous meals for your family. Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator preserves overall freshness of food for a longer period, minimizing food wastage in the process. The refrigerator even guarantees better-tasting food as it retains up to 70% of humidity level in the interior.

At the same time, Samsung Smart Oven makes sure meals for your family are evenly cooked. Thanks to its Hot Blast technology, crispiness of food is preserved on the outside, while juiciness is maintained inside.