Samsung brings this Family Hub feature to its SmartThings Cooking app

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has announced the integration of a popular Family Hub feature in its equally popular SmartThings app. Family Hub is a smart refrigerator that offers a full-screen dedicated board optimized for SmartThings Cooking, a standalone service accessible through the SmartThings app.

During the recent CES 2021, an annual electronics megashow, the global consumer electronics brand revealed that through a new integration, SmartThings Cooking will soon understand what is inside the Family Hub fridge so it could identify missing ingredients for specific recipes. It would then directly order those missing items at an online grocery cart for at-home delivery.

SmartThings Cooking recommends recipes that fit a consumer’s tastes and dietary restrictions. It then builds matching weekly meal plans. As the user cooks, it sends recipe instructions directly to synced Samsung cooking devices like the Family Hub refrigerator. SmartThings Cooking guides the user through every step of the meal preparation.

“Families around the world embraced smarter cooking and streamlined meal planning with Samsung’s Family Hub,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Samsung Home Appliances. “We are proud to bring these features to more than 33 million people who use the SmartThings app—and we hope to inspire those who are cooking and experimenting, more than ever.”