Reinvent outdoor entertainment with Samsung The Freestyle

(Press Release)

These days we’re spoiled for choice for how to enjoy content. Some choose to park in front of a TV in their living room, others prefer a more versatile screen, like a tablet. Samsung’s most unique TV innovation, The Freestyle, offers an on-the-go take and invites you to watch great content anytime, anywhere. Now available in nationwide, The Freestyle is the perfect companion for outdoor and home.

The Freestyle is a handy projector that can project crystal-clear 1080p pictures on any flat surface. Its unique design allows you to turn the projector 180 degrees so you can point it to a wall, the ceiling, or even on a table. With Smart TV and screen mirroring capabilities, users can easily access and stream their favorite content from Netflix, HBO GO, and more.

There are several ways to make the most of The Freestyle. For more ideas on how you can get creative with this handy device, read on:

Your own drive-in movie theater

You don’t have to go too far to experience a drive-in theater. Set up a screen or use a wall at a nearby parking space where The Freestyle to project images up to 100-inches. Viewers can just chill in their cars with their snacks while enjoying this unique big-screen experience.

Campfire entertainment

Weighing just under a kilogram, The Freestyle can be held in one hand and easily packed in a travel case. Perfect for camping trips where people might look for fun activities while enjoying nature. In case of battery emergencies, The Freestyle can be plugged into a power bank to continue the fun. It also has a built-in 360-degree speaker, so viewers can enjoy movies and shows with crisp cinema-quality sound.

Backdrops for all photography needs

Photographers, both pro and casuals, are always on the hunt for the best backdrops for their shots. A quick and easy way to spruce up plain outdoor walls is The Freestyle’s Ambient Mode. Choose from various built-in funky backgrounds and colorful effects that fit your vision. Easily stream moving scenery from YouTube for a more dynamic feel.

Outdoor party essential

Ambient Mode can also make outdoor celebrations stand out by projecting neon signs, fun photos, and heartfelt videos. It’s a unique and efficient decor idea that won’t need a lot of setting up as users can access this using the SmartThings App. It also lessens waste once the party’s over.

Bring the TV experience and change up their scenery anytime, anywhere, with The Freestyle. The Freestyle is now available for purchase in all authorized Samsung dealers and on


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