Samsung shares 4 home improvement tips that don’t require major renovation

Today could be the best day to make significant changes that will further improve the coziness and style of your home. Sprucing up a house may seem tedious and inconvenient, but it can be done through simple steps that actually don’t require costly renovations.

Prepare a simple checklist of what you want to be improved in your home. Home appliances maker Samsung shares with us these four effective tips on how to do this timely project:

1. Clean out the pantry.
Inspect everything that is stocked up in your pantry. Which ones should go and which ones must stay? Doing this will make it easier to wipe down dust and crumbs that have been hiding behind jars and containers. Toss out any expired goods as well as unused cookbooks and cooking magazines. When putting back the items, remember to keep the most used products in front for easier access.


2. Organize and label.
Keep items in baskets, crates, or trays for a clutter-free home. Categorizing and using proper labels can make anything easier to locate. You can either use a label maker or just simply cut out tags and write on them. This is also the chance to determine which items to keep or put up for donation.


3. Make your house more energy-efficient.
Don’t you think it is the right time to control your household’s electricity bill? Aside from consciously saving electricity by turning off the lights or unplugging devices when not in use, consider switching to appliances that consume less energy. Smart home appliances are also easy to control anywhere, anytime.

Another smart tip: consider investing in an air conditioner with Digital Inverter Technology like the Samsung Premium Inverter Wind-Free-Plus. It has a Wind-Free Cooling function that maintains the level of temperature without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. Most importantly, it saves up to 68% energy compared to conventional models.


4. Update your kitchen appliances.
Inspect all devices and appliances in your kitchen for any damage or defect. Carefully assess the condition and decide which ones need to be replaced. It is ideal that the new appliance harmoniously matches the current theme or design of the kitchen. This saves a great deal of money for renovation while keeping the place looking sleek.

Samsung not only offers refrigerators with innovations that nurture but also seamless and modern design that can make any space stand out. One of those is the Samsung Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior which features a Digital Inverter Compressor technology that reduces wear and tear while ensuring 21-year lifespan durability.

For a more accessible way to get food items, the Samsung French Door has a Food Showcase feature that allows minimal door opening so the refrigerator stays cool and preserves energy. The Samsung 3-Door Side by Side No Frost Space Max Interior with Flexzone uses SpaceMax technology that allows extra food storage because of its thinner walls compared to traditional refrigerators. This enables more space with the cooling performance to keep food fresh with the best temperature.