Samsung rolls out a new one-on-one online shopping assistance service

Samsung has officially launched a new one-on-one online shopping assistance and consultation service. The giant consumer electronics maker’s new Live Shop Assist Service is now accessible via live streaming for consumers from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

This new service significantly reduces the time a customer spends to browse through products inside traditional or physical stores. It enables consumers to make choices on how to make their homes better, wherever they are during the service schedule. Thus, you can now obtain all the necessary support you will need when shopping for the latest gadgets, TVs, and other consumer electronic products of home appliances. The online experience is designed to resemble an actual in-store shopping task.

“Consumers can get personalized recommendations according to their preferences such as the size of TV or capacity of an aircon, refrigerator, or washing machine that will suit their living space and needs,” Samsung Philippines President James Jung said. “Our shop assistants can also highlight other useful features that customers might ask when they shop in the stores.”


Personalized online shopping

Among the biggest advantages of this service is getting product expert consultations, where consumers can ask detailed questions and get immediate feedback on queries including product specifications.

The Live Shop Assist gives consumers the assurance of personalized and complete in-store shopping experience right in the comfort of their homes. It gives online shopping a few unique twists to offer a pseudo ‘in-store’ shopping experience at home.

Traditionally, customers prefer to see and feel the products before buying. To respond to this need, product demonstrations via live streaming or video call will also be an available service. Consumers won’t need to rely solely on reading and looking at product images and specifications.


Service innovation

“At Samsung, we commit to introducing smart products as well as service innovations that can provide convenience and safe shopping experience at the comforts of home. Samsung Live Shop Assistants also give consumers an option to speak to product experts, bringing the experience closer to physical shopping,” Jung added.

Samsung Live Shop Assist Service lets consumers opt to get assistance through this link, wherein consumers can choose a product group, start consultation via livestream video call, chat, or voice call.