Sarah Geronimo reveals her 8 most unforgettable moments


Sarah Geronimo is undoubtedly one of the most successful celebrities in the country. She sings, dances, and acts to the delight of her numerous followers. Furthermore, the 28-year-old (she is turning 29 in July) pop star is an ideal brand and lifestyle endorser, with the reputation of genuinely loving and patronizing the products she promotes.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal was honored to be invited in a unique gathering, where Sarah interacted with her fans, not just in the venue but also in their homes worldwide through the streaming online service Facebook Live.

The event was organized by fastfood chain Jollibee for its #87000 delivery hotline service. “Don’t forget the hashtag when calling the delivery number,” Sarah reminded everyone while enjoying her favorite Chickenjoy and French fries she personally ordered via the delivery hotline.

That afternoon, Sarah also opened up and shared eight of the most unforgettable moments of her life.

1. Sharing the stage with superstars Regine Velasquez and Sharon Cuneta — Sarah recalled her excitement on the night she became the champion of the singing competition on television Star for a Night, which happened in 2003. She was just 14 years old then. Regine was the show’s host, while Sharon was one of the judges during the finals night. The trio sang ‘Pangarap na Bituin,’ a song popularized by Sharon in the 1980s.

2. Recording her first song in 2003 — The song ‘Forever’s not Enough’ (composed by popular songwriter Vehnee Saturno) will always be associated with Sarah and will always be special for her. The pop star said it opened many doors for her. “I won’t forget the first time I heard the audience sing my song. Then, it was on the radio,” she reminisced.

3. The first time she received awards for her debut album — The album Popstar: A Dream Come True turned out to be a multi-platinum success. Sarah said she still cannot forget the first time she received gold and platinum awards for her first album. “I don’t feel tired because I love what I’m doing, but it’s rewarding that many copies of my album were sold.”

4. Her debut concert in 2003 — As expected, her successful album led to her first concert, which carried the same title as her CD. Music Museum was filled by her initial followers.

5. First concert at the Araneta Coliseum — Every recording artist and singer in the country dreams of performing in a solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum, also known as the Big Dome. That dream became a reality for Sarah on September 30, 2005, when her concert entitled The Other Side filled the huge venue.

6. First blockbuster movie — Sarah had played supporting roles in several movies during her startup days in show business but it was in 2008 when she got her biggest movie break. She played the popular ‘Laida Magtalas’ in the record-breaking film A Very Special Love, with John Lloyd Cruz as her screen partner. The movie paved the way for two equally successful big-screen sequels.

7. Joining ASAP — Sarah joined the musical variety show ASAP in February 2004. Since then, she has become a regular performer in the show, showcasing her sing-and-dance talent every week. “It was special because I started getting feedback that people appreciate what I do, whenever I perform,” she said.

8. Becoming a Jollibee endorser — Since 2004, Sarah has been among the bankable celebrity endorsers of Jollibee.