What is it like to enjoy free gasoline for life?

Since 2017, Seaoil has been changing the lives of some of its luckiest customers by providing a lifetime supply of free gas. Every edition of the annual promo picks three lucky winners of lifetime free gas.

How can a lifetime free supply of gas change an individual’s or a family’s life? These previous LFG promo winners briefly share their experiences.

The Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) promo also gives away instant prizes worth P2 M overall—consisting of P3,000 worth of fuels and a yearlong supply of free fuel.

For banker Ron James Ditching, one of the LFG grand winners in 2019, the gas savings has been helping his family prepare for the future. “We thought we no longer could proceed with our retirement fund when my wife lost her job during the pandemic. We had been allocating a percentage of our salaries to the fund. Luckily, we’re still able to provide for the daily needs of our family while saving for the future since we have no fuel expenses.”

Work-related benefits

Enjoying free gas is most advantageous for transport network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers. This is the case for Ernie Linarez, an LFG grand winner in 2018. “Not having to spend much on my gas has been very helpful to a TNVS driver like me,” he said. “I’m able to allocate the savings to my family’s needs, especially supporting the online classes of my child.”

Salesman Michael Sulit who won in the promo in 2018 uses his free lifetime fuel for his necessary fieldwork. “When I won, I was taking my master’s degree. The free gas helped when I conducted research and had to be in Tagaytay and Batangas because we had studies that we needed to visit farms and offices,” he said.

Any family that can enjoy free gas for life can easily allocate savings for expenses, investments, or other priorities. Monica Poliquit, one of the first winners of LFG during the promo’s launch in 2017 has been raving about her luck. “It has really changed my family’s life. As a mom with five kids, I have to plan for the budget every month. This is really a big help for us so instead of worrying about the gas budget, we allocate (the savings) for other things,” she said.

Lifetime free gas promo

Do you want to join this roster of lifetime free gas winners this 2021? The promo that started in November 2020 will culminate on February 8, 2021. To earn coupons with promo codes, purchase at least P500 worth of Seaoil Fuels and/or Lubricants (single or accumulated receipts) at any of over 500 Seaoil gas stations nationwide.* Register and enter your promo codes at www.lifetimefreegas.com or text those codes to 225 66 99.

You can also earn e-promo codes when you redeem 12 liters of gasoline or 15 liters of diesel (single or accumulated transactions) through the PriceLOCQ app at participating stations.

The Grand Raffle Draw is set for February 11, 2021. Winners will be posted on Seaoil’s FB page and will be notified through registered mail, email, or SMS.


*Seaoil has 226 gas stations in Luzon, 142 in Visayas, and 146 in Mindanao.