Spotted: Sennheiser headphones amp PH Fashion Week runway


One unconventional fashion accessory was among the standouts in the recent Philippine Fashion Week. The Holiday 2017 collection of designer Joel Rosales for EsAc Uniforms was made even more interesting with the sleek and sophisticated headphones from Sennheiser.

Unparalleled sense of understated elegance brought by Sennheiser headphones complemented the simple yet chic-looking uniforms designed by Rosales, who is noted for his elegant, unique, and minimalist corporate uniform designs. The earpieces’ black, brown, and ivory colors blended well with the uniforms’ bold colors, creating a fantastic feast for the eye.

“If Sennheiser headphones can make any uniform look dapper or chic, it can make any style stand out,” said Joey Alvarez, Marketing Director of Power Mac Center, which carries the brand of German headphones in its stores nationwide. “Sennheiser has a long heritage of setting trends in the audio industry in terms of technology. Its debut in the Philippine Fashion Week just proves that even in the fashion realm, there’s no stopping it from achieving greater heights.”

Striking momentum
Sennhesier MOMENTUM is the particular product line that is highly recommended for fashion-conscious individuals, who intend to use headphones as striking fashion accessories. The highly acclaimed line is designed to look great on people-at-work.

The MOMENTUM family of headphones and earphones are made of premium-grade materials like stainless steel, genuine leather, and soft ear cushions, making any getup look dapper instantly, while still providing the long-wearing comfort for even the most hardworking and dedicated professionals.


Function over form
But consumers need not forget that Sennheiser headphones are also known for function aside from being fashion items. The Sennheiser has commanded authority as a consumer and professional audio equipment brand since 1945. The company has underlined quality workmanship while setting and keeping trends in the industry.

Most noted in the brand is its signature powerful bass system, combined with its proprietary NoiseGard active noise cancellation features. Moreover, its superior craftsmanship gives way for crystal clear conversations through the built-in microphone. With all its superior technology, each Sennheiser headphone remains lightweight and portable, making it ideal for people on the go.