Sharp introduces its revolutionary AQUOS 8K LED TV in PH

Reality will overwhelm you. The 4K technology is just starting to make itself felt in the local market, but Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) is again making itself ahead of the game by introducing its revolutionary and most advanced 8K technology in LED TV, the world’s first in modern displays ever.

The company has finally unveiled Sharp AQUOS 8K LED TV in the Philippines with a grand event recently held at the Shangri-La at the Fort in BGC, Taguig City. This game changer of a product was initially launched in China in October 2017, in Japan in December, in Taiwan in February 2018, and in Europe in March.

The AQUOS 8K Series will play an important role being at the core of the upcoming 8K Ecosystem, a technological environment being built by Sharp to create a society covered by industries that rely on 8K technology. 8K is a revolutionary display technology for ultra-high definition images, coming with up to 16 times the resolution of full HD (1,920 X 1,080 pixels).

Global and local executives of Sharp Corp. unveiled the AQUOS 8K TV.

8K technology

Simply put, it outperforms displays equipped with 4K technology. This is because 8K technology facilitates production of images at ‘ultimate reality’—striking with ultra-fine details that even the naked human eye could not instantly capture.

Thus, 8K LED displays will not just modify TV broadcasts and media content streaming. It is set to also pose a significant impact on other important fields like business, medicine, security, transportation, and education, among others.

To complement its revolutionary 8K TVs, Sharp Corporation is also accelerating and spearheading the development of 8K broadcast receivers, 8K-capable cameras, and a host of many other supporting 8K products as a superior 8K Ecosystem is being established.

Strategic rollout

“I am excited to announce the launch of Sharp AQUOS 8K LED TV tuned for Asia by the end of the year here in the Philippines to lead the 8K Display Industry,” said Sharp Corporation-TV System Business Unit Deputy General Manager Toshio Kawata.

This launch is expected to also help SPC attain its sales growth target in the country of 40% this year. “We’re expanding our LED TV lineup, which focuses on 4K SMART TV that you can enjoy greatness and experience new technology,” said SPC President and General Manager Kazuo Kito.

The company will soon disclose the timeline for product availability as well as the tag price per unit.