Here’s what to look forward to at Shopee this Chinese New Year

The Year of the Ox has come! While the celebrations are still affected by safety and health protocols in the new normal, there is nothing stopping you from celebrating at home. Shopee is giving you some practical and fun ideas on how you and your family could enjoy Chinese New Year even if you are staying indoors.


Relax this long weekend

Enjoy a long weekend this Chinese New Year. You can opt to stay home and binge-watch your favorite series of movies. Most festivities in Binondo and other Chinatowns in the country are canceled to give way to safety precautions. Check out these items that can make your weekend binge-watching more enjoyable.


Popcorn Maker


Smart TV


Inflatable Lounge Chair and Ottoman



Enjoy Chinese New Year treats and delicacies at home

Outdoor Chinese New Year celebrations are mostly canceled but you can still have your own festivities. No need to risk your health when dining out. You can just order some takeout food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Or you can prepare a home-cooked Chinese New year meal with your loved ones. These three products must be found in your kitchen.




Air Fryer