Tips to shop and pay wiser this year from GCash and Heart Evangelista

Press Release

In its pilot GCash Spotlight episode, GCash ushered in its new era of financial progress together with its newest ambassador, Heart Evangelista

GCash, the Philippines’ top finance app and largest cashless ecosystem, continues to revolutionize personal finance for all Filipinos by inspiring wiser, better spending, saving, and investing habits. 

According to Heart, GCash has become an integral part of her daily life, making shopping and saving “more fun and more sulit.” She adds, “I still love to express myself with the pieces I buy and invest in, but I’ve also been more financially smart, especially with how I shop. I’m looking for the best value for money and treat every purchase, no matter how small, as a smart investment.” 

When asked about her top tips for managing finances while shopping, Heart emphasizes the importance of leveraging her “best way to pay” – GCash – and its products and features tailored to meet different needs and user preferences.

1. Maximize convenience and access to deals when shopping online.

As an avid online shopper who values a variety of options and seeks out the best deals, especially with her busy schedule, Heart maximizes her experience by gaining access to deals and discounts when she pays with GCash. 

When users Pay Online with GCash, they can get access to special discounts and exclusive vouchers, all while ensuring security in their transactions, making it the ideal choice for discerning shoppers. 

She shares, “I love buying things for my family, and of course that includes the treats and clothes of my furbabies, and many of the things I buy are readily available online so that helps me buy without any hassle. When I pay online with GCash, it’s simple, and it’s secure, so iwas sa online scams.”

2. Enjoy convenient in-store shopping by scanning to pay.

Heart prioritizes convenience when it comes to payments, which is why she appreciates the simplicity of scanning QR codes through the GCash app at millions of merchants nationwide. 

“Whether I’m dining out, grocery shopping, or indulging in retail therapy, it’s just so convenient to Scan-To-Pay with GCash, especially as I try to avoid bringing cash as much as possible,” Heart explains. 

3. Make shopping a fun, shared experience.

Heart also enjoys shopping with GCash Express Send via Send Money, especially when shopping with Senator Chiz Escudero. As seen in her latest GCash film, they send each other “love” with shopping money, which adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their shopping experience. 

“Whether it’s picking out items for each other or jointly deciding on purchases, I really enjoy a shared shopping experience,” Heart adds. 

Through GCash Express Send, users can effortlessly send and receive money to other GCash users for free. Whether it’s during the holiday season, on special occasions, or simply to express affection, Express Send via Send Money may be utilized to send “love” the way Heart does. 

4. Discover the best deals available.

With GCash, users can unlock a world of opportunities for smart spending and exclusive offers, whether shopping in-store or online. Watch out for exciting deals from GCash and its brand partners offering exclusive discounts and promos.  

With GCash, it’s never too late to manifest your best life, and take your dreams and goals to the next level. Learn more about how to shop smarter and embrace the possibilities that financial progress brings by streaming the first episode of GCash Spotlight featuring Heart Evangelista here.