Smart tips when buying a new refrigerator for your home

Filipino households are getting more sophisticated especially when it comes to choosing appliances. No modern kitchen will be complete without a good and reliable refrigerator, which stores all types of food and beverages.

And since most families prefer to live a healthier lifestyle these days, it is important to have a good refrigerator at home where fresh produce and nutritious meals could be stored for future consumption.

With so many refrigerator types and models available from numerous brands, choosing the right one is almost always an exhilarating and confusing task. Beko Philippines Sales and Marketing Head Dyeun Zapanta advises modern Filipino households to consider these important factors when buying a brand new refrigerator.


Type and size
For a typical Filipino household, the refrigerator is usually the biggest appliance in the kitchen. And with so many available options and models, it is still important to consider available space where the ref will be placed in that area of the house. Single-door and two-door top freezer types are common in local households. For those with bigger spaces, two-door bottom freezer, side-by-side, and bar fridges can be ideally considered.

Do you need a Static (direct cool) or a No Frost refrigerator? Static refrigerators are more common among local households. Those are characterized by building up of ice on freezer wall, which in turn becomes the source of cold temperature in the interior. The No Frost type allows full usage of the freezer space as it utilizes cold air to freeze or cool the food and other content inside.

For a household that stores more frozen items like poultry and meat products, a refrigerator with a sizeable freezer space is recommended. A spacious freezer allows storage of bulky frozen items for a longer period. Such a refrigerator type is ideal for households that cook various dishes at a time and store those to be consumed throughout the week.

Fridges are for other cooling requirements. The compartment should also be spacious enough for storing fresh fruits, vegetables, beverages, and dairies.

The right cooling system
The defrost system is another important factor to be considered when buying a new refrigerator for your household. You can choose between a Manual or a Semi-Automatic Defrost system. You must defrost a Manual Defrost refrigerator once or twice weekly to clear the interior and the compartments of unnecessary or excessive ice build-up.

If you prefer a refrigerator that automatically defrosts on its own, one with Frost Free technology is for you. It uses sensors that instantly activate the heater so it could melt ice build-up that block air vents at the back of freezer walls. There is a fan inside that facilitates circulation of cold air for freezing and cooling food items in the freezer and even in the fridge compartment.


Energy efficiency
Lastly, consider a refrigerator’s energy efficiency factor ratings. Refrigerators with higher EEF Ratings consume less electricity and therefore can be considered as more efficient. To understand this better, ask the dealer prior to making a purchase.

Beko refrigerators

Beko is among the biggest brands of refrigerators in Europe, which has also been offering its products in the country since 2015. Among its most popular refrigerator models available locally are those with NeoFrost+ Technology that uses an Active Dual Cooling system. Those are equipped with separate fans and evaporators inside located at the freezer and fridge compartments to facilitate much faster cooling so stored food items can be kept fresh longer, without the unlikely odor that affects air quality of the interior.

Beko refrigerators also have the breakthrough Active Blue Light Technology that facilitates photosynthesis so fruits and vegetables can retain natural freshness, flavor, and nutritional value for up to 30 days. Furthermore, there are specific models that consume up to 64% less energy and are equipped with ProSmart Inverter Compressor Motor that comes with a 12-year warranty.