A home buddy’s guide to beating boredom

Everyday is beach day at SMDC’s Shore Residences, the largest in-city residential resort complex.
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Boredom strikes when you are idle at home. Even home buddies experience it sometimes, and it’s such a bummer to have so much time yet so little energy to do things.  So what can you do when a case of serious cabin fever strikes?

At SM Development Corporation (SMDC), there are loads of activities you can do to make days fun and exciting!

Let us count the ways…


1. Spend a little downtime at the pool.

When looking for a condo, a lot of people consider swimming pools a must-have. Now is the time to fully utilize the many pools that your SMDC property has! Prepare your towel, wear your best swimwear, and go for a dip! Swimming is an ideal workout to exercise your lungs, and it also helps relieve your stiff muscles and sore joints.

Burn those calories at Glam Residences’ Fitness Gym.

2. Enjoy a rewarding workout at the gym.

Exercising is one of the best ways to attain a good physique, and overall well-being and build self-confidence. If you miss going to the gym, a well-equipped fitness center awaits you at SMDC. The cabin fever may bring you into a lazy mode, but do not allow this to be an excuse to skip workout day. SMDC has every piece of equipment you need to start a fitness regimen. 

Run and achieve your fitness goals at SMDC’s Trees Residences.

3. Take your workout outdoors.

At SMDC, you can have unlimited access to the vast open spaces where you can do your workout! Enjoy a morning run, a few minutes of yoga, or a quick stretch at the lush urban parks. Surround yourself with nature as you breathe in wellness and breathe out stress. You can also access SMDC’s The Good Fit videos on YouTube to get some fitness and workout tips.

Remember though to do your outdoor workouts in the morning or in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Make use of your space and unleash your inner plantito/plantita in your unit at SMDC’s Mint Residences.

4. Embrace your inner plantito or plantita.

If you are not the active type, there is surely a way for you to achieve wellness even while at home. During the pandemic, we saw the rise of plantitos and plantitas as they advocate taking care of plants to boost one’s well-being. Here’s some good news: you can do that and more at SMDC! 

Plants can make a home look refreshing, cool, and comfortable to live in. Time to embrace nature and take care of plants such as peace lily, spider plants, and snake plants inside your unit. They make your space look beautiful, and also leave a positive impact on your daily life.

5. Go down and socialize at the SMDC Weekend Market

If you miss interacting with your neighbors, you can always go to the SMDC Weekend Market. Shop for the freshest produce and get your hands on some of the best homemade products made by your neighbors. It’s also a great condo experience as you can engage with other people, particularly those who are living in your SMDC community. And don’t worry about your safety because SMDC implements health protocols within its communities.

Or if you have business ideas in mind, you can join The Good Guys Weekend Market and sell your products and services. Resident-entrepreneurs are always welcome to sell, and also are encouraged to enhance their skills through SMDC’s ongoing The Good Guys Start-up Entrepreneurship program.

Living a healthier, balanced, and more active lifestyle is certainly possible with SMDC. The holistic environment that SMDC properties offer will give you endless ways to improve your overall well-being. 


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