Reasons why SMEs should invest in corporate giveaways

Fountain pens from Lamy

In a highly competitive market, there are strategic ways small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups can reach out to more potential customers without spending too much. One of those is through giving away promotional items which can instantly draw attention and gain exposure for their brand.

Gifts are always highly appreciated by recipients especially if these can be used daily. Some of the most popular giveaways today are mobile phone or tech-related gadgets, travel accessories and desktop items.

Such materials usually carry a business’ logo or a brand’s message. This way, potential customers’ interest is gained and brand recall is reinforced. Based on international studies, a majority of consumers recall a business name or logo for up to two years after receiving the items. Most of those consumers also end up doing business with the company days, weeks, or months after receipt of the giveaways.

“SMEs need corporate giveaways because it’s a way for them to market directly to their target audience,” said Raquel Romero, President and General Manager of Worldexco, which will mount the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show 2018 from June 26 to 28 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City.

“They don’t have the same budget for traditional advertising like big companies, so they need to go direct and corporate gifts are the exact way to do it. Customized gifts are more personal and a great chance for them to connect with clients, and might just be what’s needed to give them an edge over their competitors.”

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Here are the best reasons why small business owners should consider promotional marketing through corporate giveaways:


1. Cost-effective marketing
Through practical promotional items, a small business’ marketing goals can be easily achieved. An SME need not spend too much on giveaways. “It doesn’t have to be costly as there’s such a wide range of items that are available. What’s important is you know what your budget is and you know who you’re giving it to,” said Romero.


2. Getting attention and loyalty
Do you think you don’t have enough creative ideas for attention-grabbing giveaways? You can readily check out available merchandise at trade shows and exhibits like Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show. “Let the suppliers help you. Trust them as they a lot of ideas. This is their business so they know what’s on trend, and what gifts actually work. Sometimes, even if they don’t have the item that you want, they will source it for you,” she advised.

3. Strong brand recognition
Romero emphasized that giving away promotional items is effective for getting exposure because if you give something that people use, your brand will always be with them. Whether it is a passport holder or a pen, it is good to know that clients will always think of you whenever they use or see the items. However, be sure to give away items that are useful and functional. “Whatever it is, whether a power bank or an umbrella, it needs to work. If you gave away something that’s broken or defective they’ll tie that to your brand, which is not what you want” she ended.