Here are back-to-school ‘baon’ tips to make kids enjoy lunch and snacks

(Press Release)

For many kids, the reopening of face-to-face classes will be their first time going to school in person. There might be mixed emotions about leaving home but sending them with good baon cannot only keep them well-fed but also excited about their new learning environment.

Having delicious and healthy food for lunch break and merienda will fuel them with energy to play and learn in school. Here are some ideas to make sure your kids get the nutrients they need while keeping them excited when they open their baon:


  • Play with color and shapes.

Bringing colors and shapes to school lunch can give children a nice surprise when they open their lunchboxes when it’s time to eat. Incorporate colorful foods, like tomato-sauce pasta or pesto chicken, and turn it into fun shapes, letters, or animals to catch their interest. To sell the theme more, you can also invest in colorful food containers and matching utensils.

  • Introduce different kinds of ‘sandwiches.’

While a grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich are great choices, there are so many options for sandwiches you can make. They’re easy to eat while packing all kinds of nutritious ingredients. You can try filling a baguette with grilled pork and your vegetables of choice or use tortillas instead of bread to make a homemade burrito.


  • All-in-one bowl

Packing everything into a single bowl can give kids all kinds of flavors and textures in a single bite. You can place rice or pasta on the bottom and top it with a mix of meats and vegetables to get children to eat a balanced meal with little effort. You can also cut tiny bits of vegetables to mix in with the rice or pasta to sneak them into the meal.

Aside from these creative ideas, involving your kids in preparing their lunch can make them feel more excited about it. Feel confident bringing them into the kitchen and focus only on making the best meal for them when you use a trusted cooking fuel that gives you quality and value for money.

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