Sony PH launches a limited-edition Walkman on the music player’s 40th year

On July 1, 1979, Sony revolutionized how people listen to music with the launch of its first portable cassette player, the TPS-L2 Walkman. The device gave music lovers the freedom to enjoy all their favorite music even if they are on the go.

After 40 years, and with the Walkman’s production being discontinued in 2012, the giant electronics maker is launching a limited edition Walkman—the NW-A100TPS (belonging to the A100 series Walkman). In commemoration of the milestone, this novelty Walkman is printed with the music player’s 40th-anniversary logo on its rear panel. The limited-edition A100 Walkman even features a special cassette tape user interface and screensaver, taking inspiration from the classic Walkman. The package comes with a nostalgic soft case for the overall appeal.

Of course, we must have all expected the new Walkman, the A100 series to be compatible with high-resolution audio that provides an excellent sound quality especially when a user is streaming music. You can enjoy high-resolution quality audio whether in wired or wireless connection.

The Sony NW-A100TPS comes with a nostalgic soft case (left) reminiscent of the first Walkman launched 40 years prior. That’s not a cassette tape in there (right of the photo) but a touch-screen bearing the cassette tape image.

The A100 series Walkman is supported by Android with Wi-Fi, facilitating access to millions of songs through clicks. You can stream the newest tracks from a provider so you can appreciate up and coming music artists. You can even access the download services directly from the Walkman and store your most loved songs on the device, which has a built-in or expandable memory—a very reliable feature for users who are in transit and who are not getting any Wi-Fi connection.

The limited A100 series Walkman is compact coming with a 3.6-inch HD display, providing a premium feel and having a USB-Type C port for easier connectivity. It comes with a battery that can power the device for up to 26 hours. Plus, the device is splashed in color to make it trendier.


The limited-edition NW-A100TPS is now available (with nostalgic soft case) for P21,499 at the following Sony Centre outlets: Glorietta 2, Mall of Asia, Megamall, Filinvest, Dagupan, and Egghead Shangri-La.