Sony introduces new pocket-sized digital camera ZV-1

Sony has a new pocket-sized digital camera. The electronics giant has unveiled the ZV-1, a compact camera designed for casual video shooters. The lightweight, all-in-one style solution targets users who usually prefer using smartphones to shoot casual videos, share on social networks, and/or post on chat apps.

The ZV-1 is designed to combine easy-to-use features with uncompromising imaging technology. It is an ideal device for users who shoot and share casual daily videos.

“Sony’s new ZV-1 was purpose-built to meet the needs and demands of today’s casual video shooters,” said Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Digital Imaging Division General Manager Ryo Ochi. “We are always listening to our customers, and this camera is the result of direct feedback from our extended community. Featuring an innovative design plus many new technologies, settings and modes, it will allow beginners to shoot casual videos in ways they have never been able to before. The ZV-1 aims to let the subject shine in any environment. Every single feature is optimized for casual video shooting.”

Quickly switches between two modes of background bokeh

The ZV-1 offers a simple solution to easily switch between two levels of background bokeh while the user is recording. Using its new Bokeh Switch function, you can rapidly adjust the optical aperture between more and less background defocusing blur without losing focus on the subject. Located on top of the camera, this Bokeh button is easily accessible and makes aperture control a breeze.


Focuses on the subject you prefer

The ZV-1 makes it easier to quickly shift focus into the objects that you want to show off. You will skip the need to place a hand behind an object to prompt the camera to bring it into focus. This is possible through its Product Showcase Setting that facilitates quick and smooth focus transitions between the subject’s face and the object placed in front of the lens.

Prioritize your face

Changes in lighting due to walking outdoors on a sunny day and suddenly going from a bright location into shade will not be a problem anymore. This is because of the new Face Priority autoexposure (AE) function of the ZV-1. It detects and prioritizes the subject’s face and adjusts the exposure to ensure the face is depicted at an ideal brightness in any environment. The AE technology suppresses an abrupt change in exposure if the subject quickly turns away from the frame to eliminate unexpected blown-out or extremely dark shots.


Natural color

Optimizing skin tones is made possible by the re-engineered advanced color science. To enhance emphasis on the subject’s face—especially when shooting in selfie mode—the ZV-1 creates a smooth and natural complexion, while also maintaining sharp images of the mouth and eyes in both videos and stills.

Crystal clear audio

High-quality content requires clear, excellent audio quality, the ZV-1 is well-equipped for reliable and versatile audio options. The onboard mic features the brand’s latest Directional 3-capsule Mic, designed for forward-directional audio capture, allowing for clear capture of the subject’s voice while minimizing background noise. Connecting to an external mic is also easier. Furthermore, there is a windscreen accessory to reduce wind interference.


Creative expression through video

The ZV-1 is the first Sony compact camera with a side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen. It allows casual video shooters to simplify their setup by using the MI shoe for optional external mics without the need of an additional mounting bracket.

You can also operate the ZV-1 using a hand. This is made possible by the easy-to-hold comfortable built-in body grip and a large movie REC button at the top of the camera for quick access to video recording as well as a recording lamp on the front of the camera indicating if the camera is actively recording.

The Sony ZV-1 is now available for pre-order in the Philippines until July 5. The pre-order price tag is P42,999—inclusive of P7,100 worth of camera grip and 64GB SD card.