What to expect from upcoming Spartan Race Philippines

The largest obstacle race event in the world has finally found its way to Philippine shores! The first ever Spartan Race Philippines is set on September 16, 2017 at Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal.

The inaugural event in the country will facilitate the Spartan Sprint, the entry-level course that could suit every fitness range. Every participant will be subject to challenges that will test his/her physical as well as mental endurance.

Racers will also be categorized into three. The Elite category will be comprised of the top three male and female athletes, who will have the chance to bag the prize money (undisclosed amount). The Open category is where participants of all sizes and shapes, regardless of age, will belong—with a common goal to reach the finish line without any prize. And lastly, the Competitive category bridges the gap between the first two categories; top racers will also be sub-categorized according to age to compete for sponsor prizes.

“The Philippines has the most resilient culture on earth,” said Spartan Race CEO and Founder Joe DeSena. “We are excited to finally be launching here and cannot wait to see the Philippines’ Spartan Spirit. It’s time to Spartan Up!”

With over 20 obstacles that will run across a 6-kilometer course, there is still so much to expect from the upcoming Spartan Race Philippines.


Expect more surprises.
Every Spartan Race beams with an element of surprise. BuiltLean personal trainer Kristin Rooke advises rookies to be ready for anything as the course map for the extreme obstacle race is usually released to participants during the actual event.

This is why all racers are advised to first build endurance, body strength, and speed to be able to go through the obstacles and complete the race. In line with this, the official gym and fitness partner of the local race—Fitness First—has started offering free 45-minute Spartan SGX sessions to its members especially those who intend to overcome the race. The program consists of sprints, squats, lifts, and lunges—all developed to prepare the body for difficult hurdles and improve physical performance.

Expect an energy-draining day.
Every participant is also advised to eat right while physically and mentally preparing for the extreme race. Eat like a Spartan—consume pH-balanced, plant-based meals with healthy ingredients.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends consumption of plenty of carbohydrates to fuel the body’s large muscle groups. Dietician Natalie Rizzo prescribes extra protein to be taken during strength training as well as chicken or chocolate milk following workouts to further beef up the strength of the upper body.


Spartan Race as a multimedia event
Spartan Race has rolled out over 200 events across 30 countries so far this year and has signed up more than a million participants globally. It has been making obstacle racing as among the world’s fastest growing sports and lifestyles. The race culminates each year through Reebok Spartan Race World Championship.

At the same time, the race has garnered over 5 million social media followers, has launched its own brand of health and wellness products, and has paved the way for the rise of its own US-based sports competition series on TV—Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.

Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge is inspired by Spartan Race obstacles. Its first season comprised of eight episodes aired in the second half of 2016. Season 2 was aired in the US around the same time this year. In the Philippines, the TV show is exclusively aired over RTL-CBS Extreme, the TV destination for extreme and action-packed content (Channel 104 and 209 on Sky Cable SD and HD, respectively).

Season 2 started airing on September 2. It airs every Saturday at 9:35 p.m. with encore telecast every Thursday at 10:00 p.m.