Discover the songs you have listened to the most in 2017

Christmas is also a time to reflect and look back at what happened in the year that is about to end in several days. If you have been hooked to Spotify this year, here’s an interesting treat from the music streaming service for you. Spotify is bringing back an interactive site it now calls 2017 Wrapped.

The special site is created to celebrate every Spotify user’s unique soundtrack that defines his/her 2017. 2017 Wrapped makes it easier for users to check out and review their most streamed songs, artists, albums, and more from their personalized playlists throughout the year.

Now, you can review the genres of songs you have listened to. You can even check the total number of minutes you have spent listening to music as 2017 Wrapped breaks down your entire year in music. And if you have checked out this year-end special site, you know you can even reveal your guilty pleasures and even share and compare your music with those of your friends—and make the revelations via social media.

2017 Wrapped is reloaded with two new features that make it even more interesting:

2018 Goals: Be Self Aware
Take an interactive quiz to take your own listening habits in 2017. Try it to see if you are really in tune with the music you have listened to the most this year.

Ones That Got Away
As the name of the feature suggests, this is a personalized playlist created by Spotify to help you discover more new music from 2017 that the app thinks you could have loved but you haven’t streamed in the service yet. Such playlists were culled from lists of identified ‘Tastemakers’—those highly active Spotify users who usually have the ears to discover new music earlier than the others. From there, Spotify selected explored music that closely aligns with your taste. Thus, this feature brings a playlist with songs you have not listened to in the app before but you could most likely like and love along with your 2017 favorites.

Check out the personalized list of your most streamed songs, artists, and albums now by visiting