Spotify invites you to explore, enjoy playlists

Spotify PH has recently rolled out a special playlist campaign that aims to make users further enjoy their favorite and even new playlists in the music streaming app. It puts a spotlight on locally popular playlists that highlight cultural references that can only be identified in the country.

“Playlists are a way for people to express and showcase their creativity; it is truly a representation of specific moments in their lives,” said Spotify Asia Head of Consumer Marketing June Sauvaget. “This campaign is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our Filipino fans and encourage them to be part of the Spotify conversation.”

The ability to create and curate playlists that are suited to specific preferences of each user is perhaps one of the features that endear Spotify to its users. One can either start from scratch or customize any of more than two billion playlists that are right there waiting to be explored.

Pinoy Spotify
In line with this campaign, Spotify invites you to check out ‘#Hugot is a 3-hour playlist—but it’s okay if you cried for 5,’ and other new playlists that carry empathetic messages that feature diverse and rich musicality through fun and localized messages.

At the same time, the app also rolled out ‘Pinoy Love Ballads,’ which includes a sentimental video clip by crooner Christian Bautista.


Making Spotify playlists
Other than these localized lists, Spotify users may also create new playlists through these unique features in the app:

Discover Weekly facilitates a new playlist that is organized by Spotify itself using its unique algorithms that take note of your listening preferences. Every week, a new set of about 30 songs is automatically added to the playlist section for you to discover and enjoy.

Magic Playlist enables you to create playlists quickly. By searching for a song or an album, Spotify automatically generates a playlist for you. Let this initial list serve as your first base. You can delete songs and add more, even songs from other albums from other artists.

Playlist Manager allows easy and fast organization and editing of various playlists. You can merge existing playlists into a single view and in the process add or remove songs to further customize your new playlist.

Fresh Finds Playlist does wonder like Discover Weekly, but is different in that it helps you discover new artists, getting inputs from news sites and music blogs. This list is also curated in various genres, befitting your musical preference.

Lastly, Topsify creates a playlist out of Top 40 specialized lists available. You can choose songs from Top 40 R&B and hip-hop or Top 40 songs from the US, the UK, or Swedish charts.

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