Spotify officially rolls out service in Vietnam, Israel, Romania, and South Africa

Spotify is now available in four more countries, marking its biggest expansion internationally since its launch in Thailand in August 2017. The world’s most popular music streaming service is now live in Vietnam, Israel, Romania, and South Africa.

This roll out marks Spotify’s presence in 65 markets globally. It currently has more than 150 million streaming service users, including more than 71 million premium or paid subscribers.

“We’re really excited to bring Spotify to Israel, Romania, South Africa, and Vietnam, connecting their rich music cultures with millions of artists and users across the world,” said Spotify Global Head of Markets Cecilia Qvist.

Spotify is set to offer an unrivaled mix of local and international music in these new markets. Just like how it does in other territories, the service provider is also committed to facilitate discovery features as well as its revolutionary personalized curation to fit the taste and preference of music fans in all four countries, where its free ad-supported as well as subscription services are being rolled out.