It’s the time of the year: Spotify brings back its annual Premium holiday offer

It is the time of the year for Spotify’s global Premium holiday offer! Through this promo, you can now stream your favorite holiday tunes ad-free through the Spotify app.

From November 19, 2019, the music streaming service is offering the first three months of subscription for just P149 to eligible users who sign up for Premium through select mobile operators via the Spotify website. You can also get three months free if you subscribe directly using a credit card on the site. Both offers are available only to those who have not yet subscribed to Spotify Premium before.

At the same time, for a limited time, Spotify also offers three months of subscription for just P129 to eligible users who have tried Premium before but ended their subscription for whatever reason. Thus, you will only pay for a month of Premium and the remaining two months are free. The three months for P129 offer is available until December 31, 2019. This offer is not applicable to users who have ended their Premium subscription after October 19, 2019.

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or hosting family and friends Spotify Premium has you covered with 50 million tracks available on-demand and ad-free, and 500,000 podcast titles.

Happy (holiday) listening!