Spotify’s ‘Your Time Capsule’ gathers top tracks from your teen years

There’s a new reason to love Spotify. If those rainy-day blues drift you into the mood to take a trip down the memory lane, the music streaming app now makes it easier to create a throwback playlist.

Spotify’s new personalized playlist called ‘Your Time Capsule’ instantly generates 30 of the most nostalgic tracks from way back your teens and early 20s. How would you like feeling younger again and revisiting some memories you associate with certain songs?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to get back to your profile or accomplish forms for the app to determine how old you are. It would automatically use the information you have provided when you first signed up for your Spotify account.

This new feature is now up and running for every app account in 60 countries globally where Spotify is available, of course, including the Philippines. ‘Your Time Capsule’ can be accessed by users aged between 16 and 85.

‘Your Time Capsule’ is obviously capitalizing on the popularity of Spotify’s ‘All Out’ playlists, wherein decade-based tracks from the 70s to 2000s are listened to by millions of followers. It is also different from ‘Taste Rewind’ playlist, the feature rolled out in 2015 that predicts tunes you might want to listen to from the yesteryears based on the music artists that you usually listen to.

Launch ‘Your Time Capsule’ now by clicking this link or by looking for it under the Home tab or Decades section of the Browse tab on your Spotify iOS/Android app.

And yes, the Eraserheads tops the Time Capsule playlist of this author.