UBX adopts Cloud HR technology from Sprout Solutions

(Press Release)

UBX, launched in 2018, is the Philippines’ leading Open Finance platform with years of proven banking and technology experience. It brings MSMEs and large enterprise Philippine companies toward the future of banking with faster, more accessible services through technology.

In its continuous drive to bring individuals and businesses together, UBX now has over 200,00 business customers, more than 150 regulated financial institutions, and has achieved 5x revenue growth during the year 2021. While pursuing its vision of creating opportunities and access for all, a few hurdles surfaced.

UBX experienced challenges in its 201 file management, time and attendance tracking, and running a smooth performance appraisal process. Searching for a comprehensive solution to address these issues, it identified Sprout as a potential partner and vendor.

The partnership was accelerated by a shared vision between UBX President, John Januszczak and Sprout’s CEO and co-founder Patrick Gentry around transforming UBX’s HR technology infrastructure to improve the company’s people experience for the future of work.

To accelerate this transformation, UBX adopted the following Sprout cloud-based solutions:

  • Sprout’s all-in-one Core HR system automates attendance management, lessens time spent on administrative tasks, and allows focus on more strategic HR management activities.
  • Payroll, Sprout’s automated payroll management system lessens processing time and deliver accurate and faster payroll.
  • Insight, Sprout’s HR Analytics tool, captures relevant HR metrics through its interactive dashboards, allowing for data-driven HR decision-making.
  • Performance+, Sprout’s integrated performance and learning management system automates performance evaluations and continuously upskills UBX employees.

Sprout’s suite of HR tools aims to help UBX minimize the time doing traditional HR functions while allowing them to track the effectiveness of their employee engagement, experience, and performance management programs.

On August 5, 2022, at the Unionbank Plaza, UBX and Sprout Solutions executives held a welcome activity to kick off their official partnership.

During this gathering which included both UBX HR leaders and the Sprout Solutions Customer Support team, UBX President  John Januszczak opened by saying:  “Our vision is to include everyone, opportunity, and access for all, and the way we’re delivering that vision is to aggregate and virtualize financial services so they can be embedded into digital platforms that today, more experiences are being enabled by these platforms. An activity and an experience that matters to an employee is likely in large measure supported by systems like Sprout.”

UBX Chief HR Officer Gladys Ocampo said, “We saw an opportunity to improve the way we were doing performance management to ensure that objectives setting,  performance monitoring, and more importantly performance conversations among teams are working seamlessly through a platform that can support the process, capture the data and provide us with insights. Sprout has an entire ecosystem that includes solutions for all our needs.”

“The future of work is hybrid, and the Sprout Ecosystem is built precisely for this. Sprout’s HR solutions allow companies to manage all their HR operations in one place, with one employee user interface and open API to leverage other enterprise data, and also give invaluable analytics that aid in better decision-making,” said Patrick Gentry, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sprout Solutions.

Present at the partnership launch between Sprout Solutions and UBX were the Sprout management group led by Co-Founder and CEO Patrick Gentry and Co-Founder Alex Gentry, Sprout’s Chief Product Officer, Kislay Chandra, and Chief People & Customer Officer, Atty. Arlene De Castro.  They are joined by UBX President and CEO John Januszczak, UBX CHRO Gladys Ocampo, COO Iris Yacat and CFO Alfred Divino, and other members of their Agile Leadership Team and management.

To find out how Sprout PH can provide seamless and high-functioning HR solutions for your company, visit www.sprout.ph.