Sun Life PH’s new campaign invites millennials & Gen Z to become financial advisors

Sun Life Philippines is opening 2024 with a new campaign. This time, the country’s undisputed top insurance company is targeting millennials and Gen Z, who are mostly into gig opportunities and side hustles.  

Sun Life’s ‘The Next Big Gig’ campaign aims to entice the new generation to consider becoming financial advisors as they look for their next side hustle. This is in recognition of the changing traditional employment landscape, as millennials and Gen Z individuals prefer flexibility and independence when building their careers.  

“The gig economy is booming, and we recognize that today’s generation craves flexibility and purpose in their careers,” said Sun Life PH Chief Distribution Officer Al Quitangon. “Our campaign ‘The Next Big Gig’ aims to showcase the incredible opportunity for individuals to build a fulfilling career and advocacy as a Sun Life Financial Advisor.” 

“This gig allows you to earn income while pursuing your passions, experiencing rewards, and finding a sense of purpose,” he added. 

The new campaign was launched through a media event held in Makati Shangri-La (it also marked the return of Sun Life events to the hotel, which just re-opened in August 2023 after shutting down operations during the Covid-19 pandemic) on February 7, 2024.  

Quitangon answered some of the most candid and common questions (and even awkward observations) that consumers ask about financial advisors. The executive, who also was a financial advisor before climbing his way up the corporate ladder, gave the most realistic and honest responses to the questions, sharing relatable insights that can serve as guide to young professionals.  

Another highlight of the morning program was an open discussion where invited guests shared their own personal stories to enlighten about how being financial advisors gives them income opportunities, flexibility in time management, and a sense of fulfillment as they help clients start their own journey towards financial security.  

Lastly, Sun Life installed three activity booths in the venue. Each installation was designed to simulate the experiences of a financial advisor. Every ‘pod’ allowed participants to win exclusive Sun Life prizes and items.  

The ‘Next Big Quiz’ pod was a quiz booth where guests were asked to answer basic questions about the insurance industry. The ‘Next Big Destination’ was an international-themed photo wall that represented travel incentives offered by Sun Life to its advisors. The ‘Next Big Project’ showcased corporate social responsibility activities and a voting tool asking the projects that advisors prefer to support.  

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