Sun Talks: How Sun Life can be your partner when unlocking your health goals

Sun Life Advisor and Sales Manager Garett Maralit (second from left) and Sun Life Affinity Partnership Manager Francesca Tolentino (third from left) with Sun Life PR Manager Lalie Novero and Sun Life Integrated Public Relations and Corporate Communications Head Len Arboleda

If there is one personal life lesson Francesca Tolentino would share with her friends, it would be to start investing in health NOW. Currently in her 30s and working at the Health and Accident Team of Sun Life Philippines, she openly sets her own family’s experience as a case study for this advice.

Raised by hardworking parents, Francesca and her siblings had the best in everything as children and teens—they went to the best schools, experienced the easy life of having househelp and driver, and pursued their passion and interests. Her folks have also invested in various properties that the family had enjoyed for years.

At almost the same time when Francesca graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines College of Economics in 2007, the family faced the biggest challenge. Her mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, pushing the family with no option but to sell their assets one after the other. Francesca and her siblings had to make ends meet because cancer treatment was very expensive (aside from being emotionally draining).

Life became harder when their mom passed away in 2008. Their dad took the beating and resorted to alcohol for comfort. He succumbed to liver cirrhosis in 2013. It was then that Francesca realized the setbacks of the reality that her parents invested in numerous properties but never in their health.

Health and insurance advocacy

Ironically, Francesca is now a strong advocate of investing in health and insurance, being an Affinity Partnership Manager at Sun Life Philippines. During her talk at the ‘Sun Talks Digital Media Edition: Unlocking Your Health Goals’ session on April 20, she said she could not help but wonder what could have happened if their parents invested in health and insurance along with properties. “We could have saved the properties they have worked hard for if there was insurance covering their health requirements,” she said.

That is why Francesca knows by heart the importance of investing in health and insurance while people are still well and earning. “Start your health goals now so you and your loved ones will always be prepared physically, socially, mentally, and financially,” she advised.

Discussing health and future goals with a financial advisor is the first step toward achieving those. “Financial advisors will help you determine what specific product will be beneficial and ‘sustainable,’” said Garett Maralit, a multi-awarded financial advisor and sales manager at Sun Life during the same ‘Sun Talks’ session.

Partner for life

Garett disclosed the common questions financial advisors like him get from prospective clients. Those include, “What specific product shall I get?” and “What option to take if I don’t have much money to invest in insurance?”

“A good financial advisor should ask about the factors affecting your finances for him to be able to recommend the best and most suitable product. He should start from the financial goals you aim to achieve and ultimately offer solutions to bridge the gap,” Garett explained.

Sun Life Philippines offers new-generation products for Filipinos who set different goals. Among the most popular are the Sun Fit & Well. Sun Cancer Care, Sun Senior Care, and Sun ICU Protect. The giant insurer also advocates in educating consumers about insurance, health, and wellness (thus, it rolls out various projects like wellness events, wellness symposiums, health studies, and health initiatives for communities, among others).

“We want to educate everyone so you can confidently make discussions and come up with the right decisions for your health,” Francesca said.

To discuss about your health and wellness goals and find the right insurance, approach a Sun Life financial advisor. You can take recommendations and referrals from your friends or find your ideal advisor online via the Advisor Match. Also, visit the Sun Life Philippines website for more information. 

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