Tech Review: Alcatel Go Watch

With numerous smartwatches that are now available in the market, how and why does the Alcatel Go Watch stand out? When a luxury car sales consultant approached me during the recent Philippine International Motoring Show to ask what type of G Shock watch I was wearing, I have proven that the smartwatch is actually a head turner.

There’s nothing I could rant about the way it looked as the Alcatel Go Watch could match any getup. At first, I was a bit hesitant to wear an all-white watch, but just after a day, I realized that I was actually enjoying getting the attention through my white accessory. A lot of those who ask me about it even get surprised upon realizing that the time piece is actually a smartwatch.

There are many other reasons to rave about Alcatel Go Watch. Here are some of its most interesting features.

Accessibility and uses
As a smartwatch, the Alcatel Go Watch can be connected with any smartphone, be it an iOS or Android device. This is because it runs on Alcatel’s very own software, making it different compared to the common Android Wear in the market.

The screen is basically colorful with a playful design that facilitates easier access to all the features. Simply press a small button at the side of the watch or swipe down on the screen to have the side-scrollable list of icons appear right before your eyes. Each icon represents a different feature, which can unfold the device’s fun and useful capability. Simply swipe up to access notifications.

For those who intend to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, this is the right accessory to wear at all times. It instantly gives a notification and vibrates when you remain stationary for an hour. Take that as a reminder to stand up and move around, even for a while. It can track specific workout activities, so you can tell if you are already heading out for a run.

The smartwatch is integrated with a smartphone media control and a number of sensors that include accelerometer, gyroscope, e-compass, pedometer, and heart rate monitor. It even comes with anti-lost alarm or smart alarm and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Durable and comfortable design
The Alcatel Go Watch is easy on the wrist, with its lightweight body weighing just around 55 grams. This makes it a comfortable wear, an ideal timepiece wherever you may go and whatever activity you may carry out.

The smartwatch is obviously designed to be durable. The sturdy build looks just interesting on the wrist. It is an ideal accessory for active people as it is dust and water resistant.

Long-lasting battery
Equipped with a non-removable Li-Ion 225 mAh battery, a fully charged Alcatel Go Watch can last up to 120 hours (5 days) on standby. It charges via micro-USB, with a sealable port strategically located at the back of the screen. The kit comes with a micro-USB cable, but it could actually be charged using any Android charger.

Lastly, with all these interesting features, the Alcatel Go Watch can be purchased for just P3,799. That makes it a practical smartwatch, considering its fashionable design and basic features. Thus, I can recommend it as an ideal entry-level device for those who are considering living with a smartwatch. I think this timepiece can also be an ideal accessory for teens given its fun and cool features, and to all people who are living (or targeting to live) an active/healthy lifestyle.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal’s verdict: Recommended smartwatch