TikTok launches all-new Brand Safety Center for app users and advertisers

(Edited Press Release)

TikTok remains serious in taking responsibility for the safety of its app users as billions of videos continue to be shared and viewed across the platform each month. This is why it has launched its all-new Brand Safety Center, a resource page that is designed to showcase TikTok’s efforts and commitment to being the safest, most trusted entertainment platform for people and brands across Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.


Brand Safety Center: The grand tour

The Brand Safety Center will serve as a central hub for all insights, articles, partnerships, and other information related to brand safety and transparency at TikTok. The site is divided into six major sections.

  1. Our Mission
  2. Latest Announcements
  3. Partnerships & Certifications
  4. Transparency
  5. Success Stories
  6. Watch & Learn

A look back at 2021

The Brand Safety Center reflects all of TikTok’s recent developments in the area of brand safety. Thus, it could be worth looking back at the past year to revisit some of the major milestones that helped make the Brand Safety Center a reality for TikTok and its advertisers. Everything it does is underpinned by its four brand safety pillars, which guide TikTok in its ongoing efforts to make TikTok the most trusted entertainment platform for brands.


Pillar #1: Keeping the community safe

TikTok’s dedication to community safety includes an array of updated policies, products, and initiatives that reflect its ongoing dedication to the safety of the TikTok community. These efforts include age-appropriate privacy and safety settings, tools to promote kindness and combat bullying, curbing the spread of misinformation, and proactive campaigns to promote awareness around online bullying.


Pillar #2: Building brand-safe solutions

TikTok also expanded its offerings to advertisers that help ensure branded content shows up next to safe and suitable user videos. It now offers leading brand safety solutions for advertisers on TikTok—the TikTok Inventory Filter, and a post-bid solution from Zefr for all Southeast Asia markets including Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and pre-bid solutions from OpenSlate in Indonesia.


Pillar #3: Championing transparency & accountability

TikTok strives to be the most transparent and accountable company in the industry with deeper insights into its operations in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. To keep its community informed about the steps taken to keep the community safe, TikTok launched its first two quarterly Community Guidelines Enforcement Reports earlier in 2021 and updates to its community guidelines just this year. These reports bring visibility to the content and accounts removed for violating the Community Guidelines, as well as insights into the volume of fake activity it stopped or removed in its effort to preserve authenticity on TikTok.

It also announced the establishment of a new physical Transparency and Accountability Center in Ireland, adding to existing centers in Los Angeles and Washington DC, where TikTok continues to host virtual tours. Finally, it revamped the Transparency Center on the TikTok website to keep the community informed of our efforts in the space.


Pillar #4: Partnering for progress

TikTok has always been a community, so it understands the value of partnerships. Partnerships help inform its own operations and push the industry forward for the greater good of the digital ecosystem. In 2021, TikTok expanded and deepened partnerships on TikTok, including:


Looking forward: Where TikTok goes from here

The launch of the new Brand Safety Center is just the latest step in TikTok’s ongoing journey to become the world’s safest platform for brands and their customers.

Over the next year, you can expect to see TikTok:

  • Expand partnerships and solutions into new markets
  • Work alongside industry groups to set definitions and standards for critical brand safety issues, such as misinformation and ad adjacency.
  • Support TikTok creators and brands working together to tell their stories in authentic and safe ways.
  • Enable small and medium-sized businesses to make informed decisions to keep their brands safe.
  • Adapt and expand solutions to match new product innovations.


There is no final destination to reach when it comes to brand safety. TikTok will continue to adapt to any changes both online and offline. It will continue to work alongside the industry to tackle complex challenges. It will continue to expand our expertise through partnerships with experts and third parties. This is an exciting time in the development of the platform that brings entertainment, creativity, and joy to more than a billion people around the world. TikTok is excited for you to join its journey.