Top 5 PH creators who showcase diversity

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In this dynamic landscape of content creator platforms, choosing the best one is crucial for both creators & brands alike. excels in providing tailored matching, diverse talent pools, comprehensive analytics, and supportive community engagement, making it a standout platform for authentic and effective collaborations between brands and influencers. 

Here are creators of different categoriesfrom beauty, fashion, travel, even up to mothers, who found the right fit with

1. Mj Idarro

Who says engineers can only build buildings? Watch out for Mj Idarro as he also builds outfits that are sure to catch your eye. Monochromes & earth tones, nothing can pull them off better than Mj. Moreover, Mj makes sure he is fit in his fits. If you’re looking for a fitspiration that also looks sharp, then look no further.

2. Abby Soniedo

GRWM? In case your slang is not up to date, it means get ready with me! Abby Soniedo does GRWM videos showcasing beauty products that complement her glistening morena skin, empowering Filipinas to embrace their own morena beauty. With over 12 million likes on Tiktok, Abby has been making waves in the Filipino make-up industry influencing thousands of her following base. Need the best plumper for that full lips effect? Go check out Abby’ Tiktok & Instagram! 

3. Clement Franz

Beauty & Humor intertwinedthat’s Clement for you! Clement Franz, is a Filipina model/baddie that provides a safe space for plus-size girls and women. Her outfit choices will surely inspire you to be bold & confident in your own skin. Apart from all that glamour, Clement still makes sure to connect with her audience by her wit & humour, or as we Filipinos call, “kalog” personality.

4. Aila Serrano

Mothers know best, and we all know it. Aila Serrano is a preschool teacher, host, and most importantly, a mom of 2. Mommy Aila’s content ranges from fashion, food, and fun activities parents can do with their kids! A blast of color will greet you when you visit her Instagram feed, and will surely inspire you to level up your parent-child relationship, as well as give you tips on how to make parenting more fun!

5. Peter Paul Laguisma

Hailing all the way from Cordillera Philippines, Peter Paul Laguisma is an up-and-coming makeup artist whose ‘celebrity makeup inspired looks’ have been noticed by none other than THE Tyra Banks. Aside from Tyra, local celebrities also recognized the creator’s talent such as Liza Soberano, BJ Pascual, and last but not the least, our president Nadine Lustre. Follow Peter Paul if you want ideas on how to be extra & flashy, that will surely catch the attention of everyone in the room! 

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