Travel Guide: A week of adventure in Cebu

When you compare Cebu to Manila, you will find a world of difference. It is more relaxed and laid back compared to the heavily commercialized capital city of the country. Even the main language used by the locals in Cebu is completely different from the Tagalog language spoken in Manila. Cebu was once the capital of the country but only till the 17th century. Still, that doesn’t diminish the historical significance of the place. Book Jetstar airlines online to explore and enjoy Cebu, one of the most dynamic islands in the country. It is the main gateway if you wish to explore Visayas and Mindanao region.

The easiest and fastest way to reach Cebu is by air, and there are plenty of Manila to Cebu flights offered by different airlines. It takes only about an hour to reach Cebu from Manila. Go ahead and book your flights and take advantage of the following itinerary here for a week.

Basilica Santo Niño

Day 1
Drive to your hotel from the airport and rest for a while. After some refreshments, start your trip, and the right way to begin is from the center of Cebu. Explore the oldest street, Colon Street where you can feel the spirit of the city. It is here where you can get an initial feel of Cebu. Visit the oldest church in the Philippines, Basilica Santo Niño and alter you can visit Fort San Pedro.

Day 2
Get up a bit early the next day and head for Osmeña Peak to enjoy the sunrise. You will have to leave at about 4 am to make it to the summit before sunrise. The sight is indeed incredible, and you will be left speechless by the scene of an amazing sunrise experience. Later in the day, you can cover Casa Gorordo, a beautiful mansion that is a beautiful example of different influences in the country. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House is just minutes away from Casa Gorordo and worth a visit.

Osmeña Peak

Day 3
Make a trip to Mactan Island that is loaded with history. It is the site of Battle of Mactan in 1521. Visit the Mactan Shrine which has two monuments, the Magellan’s Marker and Lapu-Lapu Monument. Magellan’s Marker is dedicated to the famous navigator, while Lapu-Lapu is dedicated to the local chieftain warrior. Enjoy the beaches on the southeast coast of Mactan Island.

Day 4
Keep the day reserved for the museums in Cebu. Although there are few museums in the city, they are worth your time. The best of them all is the Cebu Provincial Museum that can be easily reached on foot and tells you all about the history of Cebu. Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum, another famous museum is dedicated to the music of the Philippines.

Day 5
Enjoy some diving experience, and the Coral Reef Resort Diving offers you an excellent diving opportunity. You can dive from the massive underwater wall that offers you a sudden 20-meter drop. You can spend hours here and enjoy the heart-pounding adventure. Enjoy some great views of the big groupers and sea snakes.

Kabutongan Waterfall

Day 6
Take the Kabutongan Waterfall Trek which is one of the most magical adventures in Cebu. The long trail will take you along a narrow stream up the canyon and finally, you reach the Kabutongan Waterfall. There is a hidden cave behind the waterfall. Enjoy the whole day here, diving, swimming, and you can pack a picnic lunch and bring.

Day 7
Now that you have seen almost everything Cebu can offer; it is time to go shopping. There are a few big malls here where you can spend the entire day. Some good names are Ayala City Mall, SM Cebu Mall, Robinson’s Mall and Parkmall. You can also shop in the local markets, but they can be crowded.

It is time to head for your hotel, start packing and get ready for your flight.