Twitter’s new feature called Fleets is for your ‘fleeting thoughts’

If you are an active Twitter user, you surely have noticed the microblogging site’s new feature. Its new tool called ‘Fleets’ facilitates the posting of texts, photos, or videos and even adds earlier tweets unto visual info-nuggets. If you’re wondering how it is different from what you can already do on Twitter, well, Fleets are meant to disappear in just 24 hours.

It may not be a new concept as other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have similar features, which in turn were ripped off from Snapchat Stories. But trust that Twitter took this long to adopt the feature for a good reason.

“Fleets are for sharing momentary thoughts—they help start conversations and they only stick around for 24 hours,” Twitter said in a statement. It emphasized that Fleets are made to make users feel more comfortable as there is reduced pressure when people talk about what’s happening “We’re launching Fleets to everyone can easily join the conversation in a new way—with their fleeting thoughts.”

Ephemeral nature

Fleets rolled out globally on November 17, 2020. By this time, it should have been visible in Twitter versions for iOS and Android.

Twitter began testing Fleets in March 2020 in some countries including Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea. During that period, Twitter found that the new feature helped users in those areas talk more while using the microblogging site. It realized that Fleets also helped Twitter users more comfortably share personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and feelings.


How it works

To post a Tweet in a Fleet, simply tap the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of your Tweet and then tap ‘Share in Fleet.’ Twitter said it would soon make stickers and live broadcasting available in Fleets.

Your followers can see your Fleets at the top of their home timeline (similar to how Stories go on Facebook and Instagram). Anyone who can see your profile can see your Fleets there as well. Anyone can reply to your Fleets through the Direct Message (DM) feature. To reply to a Fleet, just tap it to send a DM or emoji to the author. The conversation can be continuous in DM.