4 ‘snackable’ insights about Filipino foodies on Twitter during the pandemic

Foodies across the Philippines have been tweeting about their love for food and about how they miss dining out with their family and friends. Data recently released by Twitter show how there is no better conversation starter than mouth-watering food.

In 2020, there were more than 7 million food and drink mentions on Twitter. Food undoubtedly beat other widely tweeted topics like beauty and home improvement. The microblogging site sees this as an indication that food moments or just thoughts about food invite netizens to instantly share and tweet about it.

“Conversations on food are highly welcome because people are very passionate about it,” said Southeast Asia Twitter Head of Emerging Business Chandan Deep. “They actively engage in these discussions and the buzz just keeps on growing. In fact, food conversations on Twitter increased in 2020 as more foodies became active in sharing their activities or thoughts related to food.”

Chandan added that those conversations are relevant as those help in understanding how food conversations have been evolving especially during these times of crisis. “Knowing what’s happening around this community, from how or where to find them, is also helpful for brands as they navigate and make relevant campaigns moving forward,” she said.

Twitter shares four quick insights about local foodies on the website—how they talk about food and what brands could possibly learn from this information.


1. Food at home grew in popularity.

Restaurants and other food establishments have limited their capacity due to health protocols. Thus, many foodies started whipping their own meals and spending more time in their kitchen. According to Twitter, 50% of Filipino users spent more time cooking at the comfort of their own homes during the community quarantine. Thus, #homecookedmeals and #StayHome became widely used hashtags.

Over half of local Twitter users have searched for products they can buy while staying at home. This is why brands tend to be their new kitchen partners through sharing videos or photos of new and exciting recipes.


2. Tweet before you eat.

Twitter data show that conversations about food among local users usually peak before lunch and dinner time. Many foodies tweet about their food journey—from cravings to having kitchen experiments. Brands should realize the best time to reach out to these Twitter foodies—before they put down their smartphones to eat. If they are selling lunch, they should promote their products while target consumers are still deciding whether to order or cook food.

“With the Tweet to Unlock format, we were able to engage with our fans by giving them a chance to tell us what small wins they were looking to celebrate, encourage them to work towards these goals, and engage further by having them try our new NY-Style Thin Crust Pizzas with just a tweet. Twitter’s new technology allowed us to level up our usual executions and be even more creative in developing truly ownable and relevant campaigns,” said Yellow Can Pizza Co. Head of Marketing Charl Sapina.

3. Food reflects special moments.

Twitter has become a portal for foodies to show their labor of love through food. Many of them have tried baking and cooking meals at home. They then proudly share their kitchen creations through Twitter as they celebrate their cooking progress.

Businesses can then leverage connecting communities and moments on Twitter. About 83% of Filipino Twitter users describe their selves as influential. Thus, brands can aim to engage those foodies as much as they could. Customer experience and feedback still matter.


4. Food is the favorite topic.

According to Twitter, food was the most talked about on the portal in 2020 (57%) followed by beverages (20%), alcohol (9%), and beauty (7%). Food became a tweet started as well as an expression of care and concern.

Food and beverage brands are advised to share their stories consistently. An effective strategy is to launch campaigns and connect through graphics, videos, and other experimental means in new features like Fleets.


Find and meet fellow foodies and know more latest food trends and discoveries on Twitter now.