PH is second top country with highest number of K-Pop related tweets

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K-pop continues to dominate the conversation on Twitter globally, even during unprecedented times. Fans turn to Twitter to connect with their favorite K-pop artists and the #KpopTwitter community around the world. In the year between the period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, there were 7.5 billion Tweets about K-pop, setting yet another record for the most number of Tweets annually related to K-pop.

Global K-pop tweets annually from 2010 to 2021

K-pop conversations around the world: Countries Tweeting the most about K-pop

Passionate and vibrant #KpopTwitter conversations continue to reverberate around the world as K-pop fans connect with each other. Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, and the United States are the top countries with the highest number of K-pop-related Tweets.

K-pop popularity continues to grow

From Asia Pacific to South America, the global K-pop fanbase continues to grow on Twitter. Peru and Colombia join the top 20 countries list with the most number of people Tweeting about K-pop.

Introducing the most discussed K-pop artists

For the first time, we are announcing the Top 20 most talked-about K-pop artists so that fans can celebrate their favorite artists on Twitter.

Newcomer TREASURE (@treasuremembers), who debuted just in August last year, emerged fifth on the inaugural list in a spectacular entrance. Since August 2020, TREASURE has already conducted four #TwitterBlueroom Live Q&A sessions across six months while actively engaging with their fans on Twitter. Similarly, the new boy band ENHYPEN (@ENHYPEN) that only debuted in late November last year is ranked seventh.

Here are the most Retweeted Tweets from each of the Top 5 most discussed K-pop artists (*Period: 2020.07.01 ~ 2021.06.30)

Twitter Blueroom LIVE program connects artists with fans in the new normal

#TwitterBlueroom continues to connect fans globally to their favorite K-pop artists by bringing exclusive interviews and Q&A sessions for them to get closer to their idols. From 2PM (@follow_2PM), a second-generation K-pop group with a comeback after five years, to third-generation Kpop groups like DAY6 (@day6official) and iKON (@YG_iKONIC), artists and K-culture leaders engaged with their fans in real time on #TwitterBlueroom. ITZY (@ITZYofficial), one of the hottest K-pop girl groups, hosted a LIVE Q&A with over one million viewers while JUSTB (@JUSTB_Official), who just debuted last month, did so via a showcase live-streamed on #TwitterBlueroom, bringing fans from all over the world together virtually.


[Tweets of these selected #TwitterBlueroom live sessions from 2021 will be embedded in the blogpost in alphabetical order]


YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-pop Partnerships at Twitter said, “Whether they are global powerhouses or emerging stars, K-pop fans are talking about and engaging with their favorite artists regularly on #KpopTwitter. Culturally, we have seen the phenomenal rise of K-pop across the world, but this trend is not new on Twitter as we have experienced the growth in conversation first-hand. We will continue to work with artists and their labels to bring more content for the K-pop community.”

In 2021, K-pop is bigger than ever–there is always something happening on #KpopTwitter, from #TwitterSpaces to #TwitterBlueroom, and more. If you missed an event, catch up on what has happened on the Twitter blog. Here are some of the top moments from 2021 so far:

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