These two OPPO smartphones are perfect for travel adventures

If you have seen any or all of the episodes of online travelogue ‘Lakwatsero,’ over ABS-CBN News’ YouTube channel or Facebook page, you might have noticed its host, Robi Domingo, using his OPPO smartphone to take selfies during his adventure.

OPPO smartphones are perfect for people with outgoing and adventurous personalities, just like Robi. Such devices facilitate creation of greatest memories and are ideal to capture your most memorable travel experiences. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, any of these OPPO smartphones can be your reliable buddy.


OPPO F5: Perfect for going all out
The OPPO F5 is definitely the right gadget if you intend to go all the way out in any adventure. Equipped with a 20MP front camera, you could certainly capture the best selfie of yourself anywhere you could be. With its speedy facial unlock feature, you can easily access its functions, whether connecting with other people, surfing the internet, playing mobile games, streaming videos, or taking photographs. The device is available in the market for P15,990.

OPPO A83: For traveling light and on a budget
The best value smartphone has all the features you need at a very affordable price tag of P9,990. It is armed with the A.I. Beauty Technology and an 8MP front camera, for taking adventure selfies the natural way. Moreover, it has a reliable battery life that lasts for many hours, helping you make sure you never run out of charge even if you go on a whole-day tour. The facial unlock feature also facilitates snappier access to all the device’s functions.

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