Fashion: UNIQLO launches 20SS jeans collection

You surely agree with UNIQLO when it says that jeans must be a closet essential, going beyond just the cut, style, and color. In line with the Japanese apparel retailer’s commitment to creating Lifewear pieces that are made for all, its new complete lineup provides a wide variety of styling options for both men and women, fit for any lifestyle and any occasion.

The brand’s 20SS jeans collection features Kaihara Denim, the top manufacturer in Japan, which always ensures the highest quality denim and the most comfortable fit to achieve effortlessly trendy looks while staying comfortable all day long.

In a conscious effort to create clothes that make life easier, UNIQLO Jeans are developed at the Jeans Innovation Center (JIC), a dedicated denim research and development facility in Los Angeles, California. Every pair of jeans is produced in collaboration with world-renowned textile manufacturers and designed using cutting-edge technology to ensure the quality of fashionable items. They have also started reducing water usage in the denim processing method by 99% on selected items.

Check out some of the new items from UNIQLO that are made with premium fabrics featuring modern designs that are flexible for both work and casual wear.

Women’s Slouch Tapered Ankle Jeans

This new silhouette in the collection looks great when worn low and loose. It features a dropped waist and loosely tapered cut toward the hem for a sleek look in the waistline.

Women’s Belted Pleated Jeans

Made with 100% soft denim, this features an on-trend bag design that can be worn in various ways. Providing you a new style, this modified cut is looser around the hips and loosely tapered towards the hem.

Women’s High-Rise Skinny Flare Ankle Jeans

This is made with thick but stretchy Kaihara denim with an authentic vintage texture. It is flared from knee to hem and has a high-rise style that makes the legs look longer.

Men’s Miracle Air 3D Jeans

Developed in partnership with Kaihara Denim and Toray, this is made with unbelievably light and flexible Miracle Air fabric. The new silhouette has a shape-hugging three-dimensional fit that’s easy to move in.

Men’s EZY Ultra Stretch Color Jeans

Ultra-stretch satin with 40% stretch and 80% recovery make this pair of jeans, one of the newest silhouettes in the collection. It is fine-brushed and polished and has a refined texture, making it both high-quality and casual.

Check out the complete 20SS Jeans lineup on UNIQLO’s official app (now available for download if you don’t have it on your mobile device yet). Use the app’s Store Locator to find the branch that carries your favorite pieces from the collection. New members can also enjoy a coupon worth P300 as a welcome gift.