Lifestyle News: Uniqlo recycles lightly used clothing through Re.Uniqlo project

Uniqlo is encouraging its customers worldwide to give new life and new value to Uniqlo clothing they don’t wear anymore. The global apparel retailer is set to launch Re.Uniqlo soon as a new step toward further benefitting the environment and communities through keeping valuable resources out of landfills.

Through using materials from recycled clothing, Uniqlo aims to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and resource consumption throughout products’ entire life cycle. Re.Uniqlo further develops the All-Product Recycling efforts that the brand has started in 2006 by collecting lightly used clothes from customers and donating those to refugees and others in need, promoting product-to-product recycling in the process.

The Re.Uniqlo project started collecting worn-out items from customers in September 2019 and has since gathered about 620,000 jackets. From there, Uniqlo will initiate a new down product collection campaign in its stores across 21 markets globally.

Environment-responsible brand

“My personal commitments are aligned with the goals of Re.Uniqlo,” said Uniqlo Paris R&D Center Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire. “The Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket represents Uniqlo and my own continued dedication to sustainability.”

Re.Uniqlo is Uniqlo’s way of uniting with its customers in a drive to “become a brand that is better for the environment and communities alike.”

The Down Recycling Project is the first item under the Re.Uniqlo banner to recycle collected Uniqlo clothes into new Uniqlo items. The first offerings introduced from the Re.Uniqlo collection are Recycled Down Jackets, which are now available in the Philippines.

Down recycling

The Recycled Down Jackets originated with the Uniqlo U design team at the Uniqlo Paris R7D Center, which Director Lemaire oversees. All of the down and feather from the new products come from the jackets already collected from customers (donated mostly in exchange for store vouchers). Uniqlo will expand its down recovery activities worldwide from Fall 2020.

Recycled Down Jackets
Price: P3,990
Available Colors: Dark gray, dark orange, brown, and dark green
Availability: Select Uniqlo stores and
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