4 tips to become a responsible vaper in the new normal

(Press Release)

If the pandemic has taught humanity anything, it’s that simple actions—and even inactions—such as staying at home, practicing social distancing, and wearing a mask can have a direct impact. Most individuals now have a stronger sense of social responsibility towards their community, making lifestyle changes and taking precautionary measures not just to protect themselves, but others around them, as well.

One such activity that is not often mentioned in the media is vaping, and doing so responsibly during this time is especially important. So, how can one vape responsibly during these unprecedented times? Here are four tips for all vape users:


1. Do not share your vape device.

While vaping is considered by many as a social activity, the coronavirus can easily be transmitted through droplets and saliva. And just as how it is important to wear masks to prevent the spread of droplets, sharing of vapes exposes you to the same transmission risks. Users should ensure that they are the only ones using their devices. Every vaper should buy their own vaping device and e-liquid pods. In other words, sharing is inadvisable.


2. Avoid counterfeit vape products; own a quality vape.

While there are plenty of vape products available online at a wide range of prices, it is imperative that the vape device and the e-liquid pods you purchase are those from reputable brands produced using quality-tested materials, ingredients, and technology. This is because cheap and counterfeit products often contain dangerous chemicals and materials that can cause harm and sometimes even death. Moreover, counterfeit products can also result in battery issues that may lead to fires and explosions which can seriously injure users and even those around them.


3. Take care of the battery.

The aforementioned battery explosions in vapes are not a new issue for the industry, but such incidences typically occur only with vape products that are not from well-established brands. Small-time manufacturers with dubious makeshift factories that lack proper quality control often use recycled or poor-quality batteries.

Even with a genuine vaping device, do take care of your product by avoiding over-charging, prolonged exposure to sunlight or any heat source, and charging, while resting the device on pillows, can potentially cause fires.


4. Avoid vaping in the presence of minors or non-vapers.

Even if most are restricted to stay indoors during these times, that doesn’t mean though that one should vape indiscriminately indoors, as well. Being considerate of your household and neighbors would go a long way. Always be mindful of vaping in front or in the presence of minors or non-vapers and remember to store all your devices and any e-liquids out of the reach of minors and even pets.

As vaping continues to be more widely accepted by communities and governments, it remains to be the main responsibility of all users to be considerate of others. Vaping responsibly is important so that everyone can continue to be safe and vape with peace of mind.