TV host-comedian Vic Sotto shares property investment tips for OFWs

TV host, comedian, and movie producer Vic Sotto has always looked at real estate as a good investment. That is because he considers them safe and a reliable source of passive income especially for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are already preparing for their retirement.

“Investing in property is one investment that OFWs won’t regret, as long as they carefully plan ahead to make it successful,” the 66-year-old celebrity said. “When you have done it right, you will reap the fruits of your labor.”

Sotto enumerates some reasons why investing in properties can be a viable long-term investment plan for OFWs.


Predictable cash flow

Real estate investments could provide greater cash flow. The more you’ve paid off mortgage payments and operating expenses, the greater your net income could be as the investment increases over time.


Increased assets

You could build equity—an asset that could be part of your net worth. As you grow that equity, you could leverage it to acquire more properties and further increase your cash flow and wealth.


Value appreciation

Unlike other types of assets, real estate’s valuation could increase over time. A 1,000-square meter property in a Quezon City village, for instance, could be worth P150,000 in the 1970s and could be valued presently at up to P150 million!


Increased worth through improvements

Properties are comprised of tangible materials. Thus, you could opt to make improvements to the appearance and functionality. Altering the design for improvement could make the property more valuable.


Perfect retirement plan

Value and cash flow or real estate could increase over time. The longer you invest in a property, the greater your earnings could be in the long term. This way, real estate investment becomes a perfect retirement plan.

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