4 creative ways to make and celebrate music with your friends

Music is therapeutic. It can definitely get everyone through the good times, the bad times, and anything in between. Not surprisingly, it can still possibly keep you and your friends together even if you are physically apart.

vivo shares these simple ways on how you can celebrate music with your friends despite the quarantine.


1. Collaborate on a playlist.

Are you already getting bored with your usual playlists? Your friends may have great recommendations. Set up playlists in your music-streaming apps for this purpose. Categorize each according to ‘feelz’ so you’ll never have to run out of tunes to listen to, whatever your mood is.


2. Watch online concerts and musicals together.

Take advantage of the numerous but limited offers for free online screening of successful and renowned concerts and stage musicals. You can organize an online watch party with your friends so you can sing with them. Check out how YouTube party works so you could stream videos together.

3. Create music.

This quarantine is a good time to finally record your own songs or covers. Create and produce great tracks for your friends while all of you are at home. You may use some of the available apps in your vivo app-store for your collaborative recording project. You may also check out those apps with built-in instruments, vocal editor tools, or instrumental loops so you can still make studio-quality tracks. Explore your musical creativity.


4. Host live concerts.

Why not release your tracks online via Facebook live concerts? Organize your band now and share the fun of creating music online.


You can do all of these using your vivo smartphone. Head now to the vivo app store, download the apps that will allow music collaboration and consumption and rave about your phone’s capability for seamless operations of these apps.