Volvo carries over its inherent superior features into this fast excavator

Volvo never fails to amaze car lovers. Aside from its popular line of sedans, estate, and SUVs, the brand also has an interesting roster of commercial vehicles available in the Philippines.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal is grateful to have been recently invited to meet one of the Volvo’s newest construction equipment launched in the country—the Volvo EC200D, an excavator that easily amazes.

First among the giant machine’s interesting features are the premium Volvo features—world-class fuel efficiency, productivity, quality, safety, and service availability. The brand is carrying the traditional Volvo advantage into this commercial vehicle, which is intended best for construction and heavy-duty purposes.

During its demonstration at the launch site (ABS-CBN Tent at Vertis North in Quezon City), invited guests were instantly amazed by the new EC200D’s faster excavator cycle. It can dig, lift, rotate, and unload in just a matter of seconds (up to 15% faster than competitors). Logically, the faster this cycle is completed, the greater the productivity of the excavator.

And because EC200D is extremely well balanced, this heavy-duty machine is impressive with its load capabilities, no matter what boom and arm position. It is up to 10% stronger in lifting heavy loads than competitors. This makes it perfect for excavating even at difficult terrains (think of landslides and mudslides, perhaps).

“The combination of a powerful engine, strong hydraulics in an exceptionally well-balanced machine makes the EC200D capable of lifting heavier weight at a higher swing speed,” said Volvo CE APAC Sales Region VP for Sales Support and Dealer Development AM Muralidharam. “All these translate into higher productivity.”

There’s more. This construction equipment does not leave the operator behind. He/She will still feel comfortable while operating the machine, thanks to this Volvo’s ergonomic design, comfort, and visibility—further upholding the traditional features that the brand is known for. Moreover, EC200D is highly easy to control with superior stability that secures smooth and efficient operation all throughout.

Visit the nearest Volvo-Civic Merchandising site now to know more about EC200D.