Who is ‘Aling Vicky’ in the hilarious old movie clip that went viral in 2018?

In the past few days, a short clip from an old Tagalog comedy movie has been making the rounds on various social media platforms locally. You may already have seen the hilarious scene where a boy approached a group of mahjong players to tell ‘Aling Vicky’ that her son accidentally fell in a sewer. With her animated and panicky reaction, a woman from the bystanders at the back of the mahjong players left in a hurry to join the boy. After a few seconds, the woman came back and told the group she forgot that she was not Aling Vicky.

The scene was from an old comedy film ‘Baliktaran’ released by Viva Films in 2001, which was topbilled by comedy icons Ruffa Mae Quinto and Bayani Agbayani. Who would have thought that after 17 years, the movie would be the talk of the town through Aling Vicky, who turns out not to be Aling Vicky after all.

Not surprisingly, a quest began the past few days to uncover the identity behind Aling Vicky. On March 15, netizens have finally found the answer. It turns out Aling Vicky is not your ordinary bit player in low-budget movies.

In real life, Aling Vicky (or not-Aling Vicky) is Hermie Go, a line producer of the movie outfit (Viva Films) that has been among the biggest Filipino movie makers for the last four decades. She was actually the associate producer of that old movie who ended up taking that short role when they could not find a bit player to do the part.

We also found out that Go also appeared in several other movies like ‘Camp Sawi’ in 2016 as a foul-mouthed grandma who gives hilarious advice and ‘Luck at First Sight’ in 2017 where she played the role of a fortune teller. Go is currently busy being the associate producer of the local adaptation of hit Korean movie ‘Miss Granny,’ to be topbilled locally by Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim, and James Reid.

Here’s another video featuring Go:

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