reveals most in-demand and highest-paying jobs for OFWs

Filipino professionals in the engineering, information technology (IT), and healthcare industries could find the highest-paying jobs overseas. This is based on the Overseas Jobs and Salary Report for 2017 released by online jobs board

The report was generated by analyzing 113,545 job vacancy ads posted in from January to October 2017. SEEK Asia Senior Marketing Manager Rowina Cielo Sonza explained that the number of posts do not correspond to the number of jobs available as most job ads contain multiple openings. (SEEK Asia is an online employment marketplace that owns and

Based on the survey, the highest paying jobs are in the U.S. A ship master could possibly earn P99,000 in the country, while a chief engineer could take home a monthly pay of P96,000 and a chief officer can have a salary of P92,000. Here are the top five highest paying occupations in the U.S., based on job ads posted in

5 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Job role & years of experience

Industry Disclosed monthly salary (in PHP)

 Ship Master



Chief Engineer



Chief Officer



Nurse (>5 years) Healthcare


Sea-based Officer Engineering



For health professionals, the highest paying jobs based on job ads can be found in the Middle East, where doctors who specialize in pediatric medicine can earn up to P86,000 monthly. Other high-paying jobs in the region are also from the healthcare industry. Among those are job roles for general doctors (P81,000), orthopedic doctors (P79,000), and dermatologists (P74,000).

5 Highest Paying Jobs in the Middle East

Job role & years of experience Industry

Disclosed monthly salary (in PHP)

Pediatrician (>5 years)

Healthcare 86,000

General Doctor (>5 years)



Orthopedic Doctor (>5 years) Healthcare


Dental Hygienist (>5 years)



Dermatologist (>5 years)




Lastly, land-based engineers, IT professionals, and healthcare workers could find high-paying jobs in the Asia-Pacific (Southeast Asian countries, Australia, and New Zealand). Take note that the number of years of experience in a job poses significant differences in monthly salaries of such professionals in the region:

5 Highest Paying Jobs in the Asia-Pacific

Job role & years of experience Industry

Disclosed monthly salary (in PHP)

Engineer (>5 years)

Engineering 59,000
IT Professional (>5 years) IT


Engineer (<5 years)

Engineering 56,000
IT Professional (<5 years) IT




50,000’s Overseas Jobs and Salary Report for 2017 also listed the top 10 countries of deployment for Filipino professionals who intend to work abroad:

  1. Saudi Arabia – 61,534 jobs
  2. Qatar – 16,083 jobs
  3. United Arab Emirates – 7,231 jobs
  4. Kuwait – 5,310 jobs
  5. Bahrain – 3,725 jobs
  6. Oman – 3,661 jobs
  7. S. – 3,017 jobs
  8. New Zealand – 1,190 jobs
  9. Malaysia – 1,094 jobs
  10. Taiwan – 861 jobs