Tips for keeping the workplace safe at all times

You would surely agree that a safer working environment is based on how all people in the workplace adhere to and communicate about safety standards.

You can easily make your workplace a safer environment for everyone just by observing shared responsibility. Here are some effective tips you should know for a safer workplace.


  1. Promote awareness of the surroundings.

Being aware of particular hazards not just of the job but also of the working environment is a basic step towards achieving overall safety in the workplace. Once the risks are identified, you could keep clear of possible hazardous areas and situations. Always be alert when handling or operating machinery.


  1. Use machine and tools properly.

Never use scaffolding as an improvised ladder or any tool as a replacement to the right one when doing a specific task. Remember to use tools the right way always to lower the possibility of incurring workplace injury. Take proper precautions when using tools or machinery and never ever take shortcuts, which is a usual cause of accidents in the work area.


  1. Use mechanical aids properly and whenever possible.

It is always a wise move to use a wheelbarrow, crank, forklift, or conveyor belt when lifting things that might weigh too much. Trying to lift or carry something that could be really heavy in your goal to save a sliver of time may prove to be an unwise move. Machines and tools are there to aid when working on heavy tasks so take advantage of those.


  1. Immediately report risks and unsafe conditions to your supervisor.

The supervisor needs to immediately know presence of any safety hazards or risks in the workplace. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that everyone in the work area will be safe. Furthermore, early reporting of risks (and possible risks) could lead to prevention of any untoward incident in the workplace.


  1. Keep emergency exits accessible at all times.

Everyone in the workplace needs a quick and easy access to exits, especially during cases of emergency. Employees should also keep clear access to all shutoffs switches or levers of equipment as there may be instances when there is a need to quickly stop those from functioning.


  1. Maintain correct body posture when working.

If you are working in a desk, be sure to keep your shoulders in line with your own hips to prevent back problems. If you are picking things up, observe correct form to avoid resulting backache. Avoid excessive and forced stooping and twisting. It is advisable to use ergonomically designed safety equipment and furniture.


  1. Wear appropriate and reliable personal protective equipment.

Injury is more likely if you are not wearing or using the right safety equipment in the workplace. Protective clothing, goggles, helmets, hard hats, face mask, or gloves can ensure prevention of injury and unlikely accidents in the work area. This could be the most important tip as this could mean absolute safety of the working environment.

When looking for personal protective equipment, you should consider those under Delta Plus. Every product of the brand is crafted by European designers using nothing but the most advanced raw materials that meet global industry standards. Thus, you could be ensured of safety from noise, antistatic, heat, fall, shock, cutting, or perforation and even provide protection against extreme weather, possible electrical shock, high visibility risks, slipping, and chemical particles.

Delta Plus recently cemented its presence in the Philippine market by putting up a hub in the country, not just for covering national operations but also for managing operations in the entire Southeast Asian region.

“Safety pays. Using high-quality products such as those by Delta Plus can reduce, if not prevent, injuries at work,” said Thibauld de Chantemele, Delta Plus Philippines chairman and export director. “For the company, this means productivity and for the workers, it means working in a safe environment.”

“The importance of building a culture of safety and working on the safe side should not be forgotten,” he added.

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  1. Knowing what’s the emergency plan can be very helpful when accidents happen. It is important to make it all accessible to everyone. Conducting workplace safety seminars to all employees can help them to become knowledgeable and practice safety at work.

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