Promo: Buy these Xtreme Appliances on 10.10 online sale for up to 25% off

Are you ready for October 10? It is the time of the month for the big online sale on major e-commerce platforms Lazada and Shopee. This month, uprising appliances brand Xtreme is offering up to 25% in price markdowns!

Check out the following lists:


Lazada 10.10 Electronics Sale

XTREME Appliances is under LazMall so it’s guaranteed that all the products of this brand are authentic and legit. Exclusively on Lazada, enjoy getting up to 25% on different categories on this brand, the XTREME, XTREME Cool and XTREME Home.

The XTREME main category represents audio and video appliances that will lighten up the vibe of your home. 

Since everyone is in the house amid the pandemic, entertain, discover and learn something new with the pre-installed Netflix and YouTube brought to you by XTREME S Series Smart TV.

  • 55” XTREME S SERIES SMART TV                              from ₱30,900 to ₱24,395.50 
  • 43” XTREME S SERIES SMART TV                              from ₱15,995 to ₱14,495.50 


Compliment your spaces with serene and mellow music. Avail the following amplifiers and speaker sets for your jamming sessions with loved ones

  • XTREME Amplified Speaker                                         from ₱14,994 to ₱11,345.50 
  • XTREME Amplifier with Speaker Set                        from ₱7,740 to ₱5,905


Unleash the foodie in you with the XTREME Home category. These meal preparation tools will give plenty of cooking options such as baking, roasting, steaming, re-heating and etc.

  • 90CM XTREME Home Gas Range                                     from ₱29,800 to ₱25,995 
  • XTREME Home Digital Microwave Oven                       from ₱3,995 to ₱3,245 
  • 1.8L XTREME Home Multi-cooker                                   from ₱3,594 to ₱2,745.50 
  • XTREME Home Personal Blender                                    from ₱1,554 to ₱ 1,215.50 
  • XTREME Home Rice Cooker                                               from ₱1,195 to ₱1,125.50 


Get the fan of your choice with these following selections:

  • XTREME Home “The Silencer” Stand Fan                    from ₱3,594 to ₱2,745.50 
  • XTREME Home Stand Fan                                                  from ₱1,500 to ₱1,400 


Under XTREME Cool are devices that give refreshing function and crisp ambiance in our pad.

Give your clothes a professional and thorough cleaning with these washing machines.

  • XTREME Cool Front Load Combo: Washer & Dryer      from ₱44,995 to ₱34,995 
  • 13KG XTREME Cool Top Load Washing Machine            from ₱20,495 to ₱18,545.50 


Upgrade the coolness of your rooms with energy-saving air conditioners.

  • 2.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Aircon                         from ₱23,800 to ₱21,520
  • 1.0HP  XTREME Cool Window Type Inverter Aircon       from ₱25,800 to ₱23,320 
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon                                 from ₱19,800 to ₱17,920 
  • 1.5HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon                                 from ₱22,800 to ₱20,620 


Avail on sale price some of the XTREME Cool best-selling items.

  • XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator                                     from ₱5,495 to ₱ 5,045 
  • XTREME Cool Bottom Load Water Dispenser                     from ₱7,995 to ₱6,845 


Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival

XTREME also prepared a price drop on Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival Sale. Here are the great buys that you can shop:


  • 40” XTREME LED TV                                                                      from ₱10,495 to ₱9,135 
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Combo: Washer & Dryer           from ₱44,995 to ₱35,995 
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Wash                                                 from ₱24,995 to ₱19,996 
  • XTREME Cool Front Load Condensing Dryer                       from ₱24,995 to ₱19,996 
  • 1.5HP XTREME Cool Window Type Aircon with Remote from ₱18,200 to ₱15,900 
  • 1.0HP XTREME Cool Split Type Aircon                                   from ₱19,800 to ₱17,300 
  • XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator                                      from ₱5,495 to ₱4,785
  • XTREME Cool Table Top Water Dispenser                           from ₱3,995 to ₱3,485 
  • XTREME Home Digital Microwave Oven                              from ₱3,495 to ₱3,146 


Make sure to shop XTREME Appliances on its official Flagship Store on Lazada and Shopee to steal these price reductions this October 10, from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Have you found your X?

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